Notifications are now available on Open Inventor Developer Zone

Starting from now Open Inventor Developer Zone uses web push notification.  A popup should appear saying something like “ wants to show notifications”.  If you accept, you will be notified when something new is published on Open Inventor Developer Zone (new release, new feature or new technical article). There is no need to provide any personal information as everything is managed by your web browser.  Even if your web browser is not running at the moment we push a new notification you will still be notified as soon as you open the browser.

At any time you have the Open Inventor Developer Zone page open, you can manage the notification by interacting with the red bell at the bottom left of the page. If you previously refused notifications you can enable them or you can disable them if you previously accepted them.

This is the easiest and best way to keep in touch with Open Inventor news.

Thanks for using Open Inventor !