Open Inventor 9.9.15 is now available

Open Inventor 9.9.15 is now available. Bugs fixed by this version are listed here. Packages for all supported platforms can be downloaded on this page.

This release includes an important update about OpenGL RAW stereo in Qt, please read below

Starting with Open Inventor 9.9.15, RenderArea class in Inventor/ViewerComponents/Qt inherits from QWindow instead of QOpenGLWidget in order to support OpenGL stereo (aka Raw stereo) in Qt.

This change introduces following API modifications

Finally QWidget* RenderArea::getContainerWidget() has been added and can be used to to insert a RenderArea in any application (by calling, for instance, window->setCentralWidget(renderArea->getContainerWidget())

For Legacy viewers, only method SoQtGLWidget::getFrameBufferObjectId() is now deprecated as it is now useless.

All these modifications can be seen in Inventor/ViewerComponents/Qt code that is publicly available in any package you may have downloaded.

Open Inventor Team