Open Inventor 10.8 is available

We are glad to announce that Open Inventor 10.8 is now available. You can download this new version on download pages and see the new content in the Release Notes detailed below

  • Upcoming life cycle events
  • Core
    • SoTransform performance enhancements
    • SoTabBoxDragger automatic highlight
    • SoAnnoText3 performances improvement
    • Scene orbiter availability for touch screens
    • SoEventCallback C++ API enhancement
    • SoBaseKit C++ API enhancement
    • SoRenderAreaCore API change
  • VolumeViz
    • Height can be used to color an SoHeightfieldRender
    • Coordinate shift in SoHeightfieldRender

If you are under maintenance you should receive your new licenses soon. If you are new to Open Inventor and want to test our Sdk do not hesitate to contact our Sales.

Thanks for using Open Inventor !