Open Inventor 10.10 is available

We are glad to announce that Open Inventor 10.10 is now available. You can download this new version on download pages and see the new content in the Release Notes detailed below

  • VolumeViz
    • Height field rendering improvement
    • GPU memory optimization when loading uniform tiles
    • SoOrthoSliceDragger automatic highlight
    • New optional border for SoOrthoSlice
    • Screen resolution culling
    • Incompatible changes in the .NET API
  • Core
    • New capability for efficient rendering of point set
    • Ambient Occlusion on surfaces
    • Rendering performance improvement
  • Viewer Components
    • Change in interactive mode
    • SceneOrbiter Turntable rotation
    • New QML render area (C++)
    • SoViewingCube enhancements
    • Incompatible api change in the SoViewingCube
    • Compatibility and Dependency changes
  • RemoteViz
    • New npm package
  • ImageViz
    • New engines in .NET API
    • Incompatible changes in the .NET API
  • MeshViz XLM
    • Outline performance improvement (C++)
    • New predefined colormap (C++ & Java)
  • Platforms update
    • New platform Ubuntu 20.04
    • Installers and packages renamed
  • Licensing

If you are under maintenance you should receive your new licenses soon. If you are new to Open Inventor and want to test our Sdk do not hesitate to contact our Sales

Open Inventor Team