10.0.2 - 10.0.1

Open Inventor 10.0.2

    #OIV-1037 Impossible to use ImageViz on machine without graphic card
    #OIV-1124 Lesser memory print when displaying DICOM – CAS-31044
    #OIV-760 PhysicalRendering demo crashes on a K4100M

  • Commercialization
  • #OIV-1215 Incorrect information in OIV10 documentation on converting existing shaders

  • Core
  • #OIV-1174 In all medical demos, Gnomon is badly rendered
    #OIV-1180 medicalMPRViewer has bad rendering when changing layout
    #OIV-224 Antialiasing crashes eclipsemeshviz demo
    #OIV-618 medicalFreeHandCutting C++ demo fails when selecting a surface
    #OIV-721 MedicalHelper.DicomAdjustDataRange failure in OIV.net – CAS-30765
    #OIV-987 Abnormal zoom-in/out when using the mouse thumbwheel in SoWxExaminerViewer
    #OIV-988 Read scene graph from a GZ compressed buffer bug
    #OIV-990 Errors appear on multiple definition of EventHandlerCallRef in SoQtDef.h

  • ImageViz
  • #OIV-1003 Inappropriate default values for SoPolylineExtrusionApproximation3d fields
    #OIV-396 IterativeMorphoLut2D demo does not display thickening result

  • MeshVizXLM Extractor
  • #OIV-964 Crash when MiLineCell doesn't embed any node
    #OIV-966 MoMeshLogical Slice crash on Curvilinear Mesh

  • Pangolin
  • #OIV-809 Wrong enum listing with MoMaterials

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-1197 Disconnection not detected properly when sending big network data.
    #OIV-858 MedicaRemoteMPR crashes

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-812 GLContext error message when going from fullscreen to normal in ivTuneViewer
    #OIV-986 Qt viewer components and viewer component libraries are linked with Xm

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-1000 LDM resolution problem on DemosPortal seismic.
    #OIV-1011 SoVolumeRender white box on the latest NVidia driver 410 series
    #OIV-1014 Voxelized rendering issue
    #OIV-1084 Wrong array index in OrthoSliceBorder.GLRender()
    #OIV-1095 Picking performances drop after volume editing
    #OIV-1172 Dicom wrong extent in MedicalMPRViewer
    #OIV-899 SoVolumeFaceSet not updated when a single instance of this node is used at different positions.
    #OIV-916 SoVolumeShader documentation is missing important limitations
    #OIV-917 SoLDMGlobalResourceParameters::setMaxMainMemory does not restrict the VViz memory usage as expected
    #OIV-956 SoVolumeIsosurface : borders are rough

Open Inventor 10.0.1

    #OIV-534 In IvTune, reference counter is incremented wrongly.
    #OIV-594 GUI elements disappear when deleting MultiField entry.
    #OIV-649 SoVRDicomFileReader fails if images in the series have the same Image Number.
    #OIV-650 SoVRDicomFileReader fails when DICOM directory contains multiple volumes (series).
    #OIV-715 lib entries in IvBrowser have been removed
    #OIV-822 Log4Cplus initialization error in MeshViz

  • Core
  • #OIV-261 SoDrawStyle node missing in the tabBoxDragger sepator.
    #OIV-363 Remove from IvBrowser the demos no more available.
    #OIV-412 DepthPeeling crash when enabling the SORTED_PIXEL transparency. – CAS-30598
    #OIV-532 OpenGL Error when activating stereo
    #OIV-704 Freeze in OIV when loading activeX example.
    #OIV-717 Abnormal error message in SoCpuBufferObject::unmap with SoSFImage
    #OIV-783 SoGLContext::unref error in in SbThreadMutex::unlock() – CAS-30811
    #OIV-820 In some cases SoGetBoundingBoxAction generates useless errors when used with SoExtrusion
    #OIV-898 SoPolygonScreenDrawer: 2 clicks must be done to start drawing a new polygon after calling the clear method
    #OIV-938 OffscreenRender : Invalid context leads to huge render time

  • ImageViz
  • #OIV-397 Transparency issue with ImageViz ThicknessMap demo.

  • OIV Studio
  • #OIV-362 Clip plane mode by default is wrongly set to MANUAL in the viewer.
    #OIV-366 The spin animation can't be stopped in the viewer.
    #OIV-634 Open Inventor Studio crashes when a node is dragged in the tree view.
    #OIV-638 Deleting root node in the node tree view does not update the scene graph.
    #OIV-656 Drag and drop an iv file in the viewer does not open it.
    #OIV-658 Impossible to rotate the scene in the viewer.
    #OIV-659 Editing a big scene graph is drastically too slow.
    #OIV-849 Switching between navigation mode and picking mode is not possible with ESCAPE key in the viewer.

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-325  InventorApplicationServiceRendering not displayed on webbrowser
    #OIV-784 RemoteVizClient JS: videoBuffer object could raise a NULL exception

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-815 SoInteractiveComplexity doesn't work properly within a viewerComponent
    #OIV-909 CTRL key has no effect on SoJackDragger

  • Viewers
  • #OIV-702 Slots in SoQtGLWidget break usage of QT_NO_KEYWORDS.

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-298 Editing is broken on DICOM file
    #OIV-327 SoDataSet should not post error message for 'flat' volumes (images)
    #OIV-627 VolumeMask: add doc about data range limitation
    #OIV-628 DataRange is very slow to be edited on "big" DICOM data.
    #OIV-706 Picking on Heightfields with SORTED_PIXELS_BLEND is inaccurate
    #OIV-743 SoVRDicomFileReader::setFilenameListFromSeries adds twice the first file found into the list.
    #OIV-823 VolumeViz fails to read RGB TIFFs
    #OIV-828 SoVolumeDetail::getFirstNonTransparentValue fails on SoVolumeSkin when using custom SoDataRange. This is a limitation of picking in VolumeViz between actual voxel value and interpolated one.
    #OIV-907 Huge slowdown when mixing HeightfieldRender and MultipleInstance in SoVolume Data