10.1.1 - 10.1.0

Open Inventor 10.1.1

    #OIV-1181 Bad performances when interacting with medicalMultiView demo
    #OIV-1295 Intersection detections failure with SoDualSceneCollider when using SoUnits nodes – CAS-31136
    #OIV-1304 Abnormal memory consumption when loading Dicom files
    #OIV-1349 Flexnet vulnerabilty up to version
    #OIV-1383 Dicom badly handle in Registration demo. – CAS-31398-G7M6
    #OIV-1443 MeshVizXLM Turbine demo has a wrong behavior when filtering cells inside a dragger box.
    #OIV-1463 SoQT display refresh issue.
    #OIV-1488 Crash when clicking on a SoOrthoSliceDragger when the VolumeRender is selected.
    #OIV-1505 Call to SoVolumeData::resetReader prevents from re-using the same reader

  • Core
  • #OIV-1176 Cutting With Shaders medical demo is not working.
    #OIV-1178 medicalGetData* demos have a wrong first render
    #OIV-1179 medicalImageSegmentationFloodFill has a wrong rendering when activating segmentation mode
    #OIV-1214 SoRenderToTarget with SoGLCallback fails to render and crashes – CAS-31308-P7W9
    #OIV-1249 Medical helper and nodes are no longer automatically linked on Windows
    #OIV-1337 Enabling vectors makes MeshVIzXLM Turbine demo crashing.
    #OIV-1350 OIV.Medical.Nodes.DicomInfo DisplayDicomInfo leads to an exception. – CAS-31321
    #OIV-1466 IvReport fails to retrieve OS on CentOS 7
    #OIV-1499 Alternate rep example fails
    #OIV-1542 VRML 2.0 file causes SoDB errors and crashes application

  • ImageViz
  • #OIV-1378 Registration fails if model image has direction cosines. – CAS-30827-B0Q2

  • MeshVizXLM Mapping
  • #OIV-1351 CellShape C++ demo wrong input management.

  • OIV Studio

  • Pangolin
  • #OIV-1224 The "See also:" section of OIV javadoc contains invalid html link
    #OIV-1356 The note that describes the initial version containing a feature is not compliant to javadoc

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-1187 Connections are closed if the system time is modified.
    #OIV-1270 Long standing websocket connection initialization issue.

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-1119 Poor performance when interacting with SceneExaminer at the beginning
    #OIV-326 When closing Wpf viewer components, an Inventor warning about SoNode.GetRenderEngineMode() appeared when Custom Node of type SceneExaminer is used

  • Viewers
  • #OIV-1440 SoMouseWheelEvent::getPosition(Float) abnormally returns 0,0 when using SoQt viewers

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-1015 Tiles mixed up when using SoMultiDataSeparator.
    #OIV-1384 SoVolumeConverter keeps a reference of the input data. – CAS-31440-Z0J0
    #OIV-1485 LDMConverter memory error with big JPEG2000 file.
    #OIV-1527 Mismatch between doc and code regarding IVVR_NUM_LOADERS env variable
    #OIV-816 DICOM Reader is unable to load new set of DICOM files.

Open Inventor 10.1.0

  • Core
  • #OIV-224 Antialiasing crashes eclipsemeshviz demo
    #OIV-618 medicalFreeHandCutting C++ demo fails when selecting a surface
    #OIV-681 All deprecated modes for transparency are excluded from documentation.
    #OIV-721 MedicalHelper.DicomAdjustDataRange failure in OIV.net – CAS-30765
    #OIV-987 Abnormal zoom-in/out when using the mouse thumbwheel in SoWxExaminerViewer
    #OIV-990 Errors appear on multiple definition of EventHandlerCallRef in SoQtDef.h

  • ImageViz
  • #OIV-1068 The Dental Panoramic features require MeshViz extractor license.

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-812 GLContext error message when going from fullscreen to normal in ivTuneViewer

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-899 SoVolumeFaceSet not updated when a single instance of this node is used at different positions.
    #OIV-916 SoVolumeShader documentation is missing important limitations
    #OIV-956 SoVolumeIsosurface : borders are rough