10.10.0 - 10.10.1 - 10.10.2 - 10.10.3

Open Inventor 10.10.3

  • Core
  • #OIV-3498 Stereo (Active&Passive) issue with SoGuiAlgoViewers in OIV 10.9 – CAS-36555-K8V7
    #OIV-3556 SoExtSelection not working correctly in OIV10.9 – CAS-36697-F2W5
    #OIV-3611 License error dialog displays obsolete email address
    #OIV-3693 SoBufferedShape demo generates error message on exit
    #OIV-3733 OrthosliceDragger stuck at volume extent extremities

  • MeshVizXLM Extractor
  • #OIV-3794 MeshVizXLM isosurface extractor crash on large regular mesh

  • MeshVizXLM Mapping
  • #OIV-3750 MoLegend display must not be affected by MoMaterial or MoDrawStyle nodes

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-3530 H264 client-side decoder not working properly in Chrome – CAS-36723

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-3474 ViewingCube transparency not managed properly in some cases
    #OIV-3735 ViewingCube transparency with opacity at 0.0

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3602 Crash while picking a volume with DEPTH_PEELING – CAS-36761-G1B1

Open Inventor 10.10.2

  • Core
  • #OIV-3589 Broken rendering after creation of a second window – CAS-36909-K7S1
    #OIV-3640 QWidget created on top of main renderArea is rendered in the back of it – CAS-37097-X1M1

  • MeshVizXLM Mapping
  • #OIV-3643 No rendering of edges if fading is on with MeshVizXLM Java

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3387 Infinite loop in SoVolumeReader::exitClass() in Debug mode

  • legacy MeshViz
  • #OIV-3562 AutoCubeAxis performance regression between OIV 9 and OIV 10 – CAS-36856-Z9G7
    #OIV-3655 AutocubeAxis Z-Fighting - GridLines VS Cube faces

Open Inventor 10.10.1

  • Core
  • #OIV-3507 PanObjectManager warning on application run in Debug with Release DLLs – CAS-36565, OIV-36996
    #OIV-3486 PanObjectManager warning on application run in Release with Debug DLLs – CAS-36565-W5D1
    #OIV-3531 CRASH when saving/reload as binary file
    #OIV-3601 Transparency does not work with custom node when it is the only transparent shape – CAS-36937-T4V1

  • Examples
  • #OIV-3552 Infinite modification of the scenegraph when it contains a TextBox – CAS-36826
    #OIV-3600 Wrong Gnomon position with multiple viewports

  • MeshVizXLM Extractor
  • #OIV-3518 Skin extraction on unstructured mesh is launched even if nothing has changed

  • OivSuite.Java
  • #OIV-3577 Misconfigured Java packages for Linux platforms (impossible to build examples)

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-3593 Memory leak in SceneInteractor Java – CAS-36936-K6N2

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3480 Bad Dicom orientation when loading the attached dicom dataset – CAS-36412
    #OIV-3397 MedicalHelper::orientView does not compute correct camera height – CAS-35992-F1B3 CAS-36611-D6Y5
    #OIV-3586 Freeze with VolumeViz rendering when changing Volume Texture memory available

Open Inventor 10.10.0

    #OIV-3433 HighlightStyles demo regression after viewercomponent modifications

  • Core
  • #OIV-3435 Lack of documentation for borderWidth field and enableImage field in SoOrthoslice
    #OIV-3438 Usage of an Orthoslice with a ROIManip
    #OIV-3523 HeightField low performance rendering with SORTED_PIXEL transparency – CAS-36710
    #OIV-3528 SuperSampling anti-aliasing not applied to ViewingCube

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-2292 SoInteractionElement is not set correctly by RemoteViz ViewerComponents

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-3475 ViewingCube transparency broken when clicking on VC

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3317 SoOrthoSlice incorrect rendering for volume with small extent