10.3.0 - 10.3.1 - 10.3.2

Open Inventor 10.3.2

  • Core
  • #OIV-2066 Trihedron incorrectly displayed after resizing.
    #OIV-2095 Abnormal warning message regarding GPU memory when using a computer with several graphic cards.
    #OIV-2117 Vertex IndexedTriangleSet display issue
    #OIV-2138 Performance comes back updating SoText3 text field – CAS-32485-X2L9
    #OIV-2176 VolumeRender stays in low screen resolution when a PoAutoCubeAxis is in the scene

  • Licensing
  • #OIV-2186 License generated does not work with FlexLM server running on Linux. – CAS-32483-J1L3; CAS-32572; CAS-32526; CAS-32591, CAS-32622, CAS-32689, CAS-32730

  • OIV Studio
  • #OIV-1696 Open Inventor Studio is not closed when parent application exits
    #OIV-2015 The main window is named InventorStudio instead of OpenInventorStudio.

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-2194 nvencode library requirement is not mentioned in the RemoteViz documentation

  • Viewers
  • #OIV-2185 SoQtPlaneViewer does not take mouse wheel in account

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-2012 Fix memory exception when loading huge LDMs – CAS-32249
    #OIV-2080 Unexpected black contours when using SoVolumeRenderingQuality with a custom shader – CAS-32350

Open Inventor 10.3.1

    #OIV-1866 Medical icon OpenInventor disappears in MedicalDTIViewer demo
    #OIV-1906 Missing documentation about constructor in custom node
    #OIV-1939 LDMWriter creates volumes with abnormal streaks in debug and randomly crash in release – CAS-32118
    #OIV-1948 Documentation does not mention that cloning custom nodes with the copy() method loses the static variables
    #OIV-2029 No description provided in the in the class reference for the method SoXtFileSelectionDialog::keepDialog
    #OIV-2114 mcslmd executable details displays wrong info – CAS-32443

  • BuildSystem
  • #OIV-2059 Open Inventor Studio internal doc not installed on Java and .Net

  • Commercialization
  • #OIV-533 Documentation not available from IvBrowser.

  • Core
  • #OIV-1170 Outline edge display issue with clip plane in QuadraticWheelHexa27 MeshVizXLM
    #OIV-1619 OIV initialization fails and crashes if there is no GPU on Linux
    #OIV-1640 Activating stereo mode when SoFont::renderStyle=TEXTURE and Shadow=ON makes the text disappear
    #OIV-1848 SoText2 inside a dragger is rendered incorrectly and is not pickable – CAS-32019-H0B0
    #OIV-1870 Bad OpenGL version detected on AMD hardware
    #OIV-1886 Software stereo mode leaves interlace artifact
    #OIV-1910 SuperSampling AntiAliasing issues: Too Bright and Memory Leak
    #OIV-1992 extSelection doesn't select faces parallel to the view direction
    #OIV-2094 Picking issue on a multiInstance of SoAlgebraicCylinder – CAS-32273

  • ImageViz
  • #OIV-1925 Calling SoImageViz::init requires an ImageViz license – CAS-32002, CAS-32048

  • MeshVizXLM Mapping
  • #OIV-1911 Inherited MoMaterial is ignored by a skin of which colorScalarSetId is -1

  • OIV Studio
  • #OIV-1650 Open Inventor Studio highlight node action should not be possible when launched from an application.
    #OIV-1653 Open Inventor Studio reacts to viewing mode just like picking mode when launched from an application
    #OIV-1672 Open Inventor Studio takes huge amount of time to load big .iv file
    #OIV-1691 The viewing mode of WinRenderAreaExaminer changes when OIVS is launched
    #OIV-1696 Open Inventor Studio is not closed when parent application exits
    #OIV-2017 Copy/paste node makes OIVS crashing
    #OIV-2021 Paste action with no previous copy crashes OIVS
    #OIV-2036 Paste As Reference the root node crashes OIVS

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-1909 Javascript error about WebSocket state when service is exited
    #OIV-1912 RemoteViz Getting Started is not up to date regarding the new licensing mecanism
    #OIV-1987 In Remoteviz, sending FPS can be upper than the FPS set by the policy
    #OIV-2092 WebSocket fragmentation is not managed

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-1929 Inventor error messages on exit from standard QtRenderAreaExaminer (ViewerComponents) example
    #OIV-1998 Ghost artifact when using ViewManager/SceneView – CAS-32236-C1F9

  • Viewers
  • #OIV-1792 Fix in SoExtSelection class – CRM-31966-V9S7
    #OIV-1793 stereo display doesn't work with the SoGuiAlgoViewers in OIV 10.1 – CAS-2027-V3J4H8
    #OIV-1840 Cursor position issue on 4K screens

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-2027 SoVolumeRender fails to display a dicom volume when slightly modifying datarangeMin. – CAS-32251
    #OIV-2096 Volume loaded from DICOM files is not visible when using SoTranferFunction::max = 255 – CAS-32419-G1K8

Open Inventor 10.3.0 (Also includes fixed bugs from Open Inventor 10.2.X)