10.4.0 - 10.4.1 - 10.4.2

Open Inventor 10.4.2

    #OIV-2383 Abnormal Qt viewer update when clicking outside the render area during rendering.
    #OIV-2431 Spin animation performance slowdown in 10.4.1 vs 9.9.x – CAS-33129
    #OIV-2437 Erroneous declaration of Display for Windows in the reference manual – CAS-33029
    #OIV-2468 Objects partially displayed when enabling sorted pixel transparency – CAS-33194
    #OIV-2476 The Mentor example 09.1.Print doesn't output any BMP/PS file – CAS-33219
    #OIV-2486 Erroneous texture coords in V direction
    #OIV-2487 Erroneous IndexedTriangleSet color when enabling SORTED_PIXEL transparency and changing the field SoMaterial::transparency – CAS-33201
    #OIV-2505 Unexpected and unhelpful error message "SoDataset: Can't Find File" at the end of the conversion process

  • Commercialization
  • #OIV-2534 Installer product Name not set inside C++ exe

  • Core
  • #OIV-2216 Inventor error in SoIndexedShape with colored 3D text
    #OIV-2288 Scene containing SoText2 nodes : frame rate lower than on OpenInventor 9.9 version
    #OIV-2291 SoLightModel : Two sided lighting does not work when PER_PIXEL_PHONG model is used
    #OIV-2357 SoAlgebraicShape wrong clipping when SoTransform::rotation is applied – NO_CRM_NEEDED
    #OIV-2358 SoAlgebraicShape rendering explodes when SoTransform::rotation is applied
    #OIV-2370 Gnomon rendering in Medical examples
    #OIV-2409 Node copy failure with the assignment operator in SoRef – CAS-33094
    #OIV-2422 indexedLineSet with too much consecutive -1 indices in coordIndex fail to display – CAS-33100
    #OIV-2436 Crash in kbuffer when resizing the window with DepthPeeling – CAS-33137
    #OIV-2443 Crash while Zooming In/Out (RenderEngine thread accesses null ptr) – CAS-32557-F5V1
    #OIV-2456 SoMultipleInstance : rendering is broken if there is only 1 instance and a SoTransform – CAS-33292
    #OIV-2530 SoClipPlaneManip is broken

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-1928 RenderEngine error messages on exit from simple Win ViewerComponents

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-2278 SoLDMGlobalResourceParameters.SetMaxMainMemory does not set the expected amount of memory – CAS-32731-Y5C6
    #OIV-2341 Volume Rendering Artifacts using SoVolumeMask and SoVolumeData
    #OIV-2342 Cpu mem leak when loading out of core data – CAS-32801
    #OIV-2504 Volume rendering display bug when using exclusion box: Incorrect boundaryDepth values with Voxelized Rendering

  • legacy MeshViz
  • #OIV-2045 PoAutoCubeAxis with RENDER2D_PRINT_RASTER : Text size is too small for some axis/view

Open Inventor 10.4.1

    #OIV-1872 Security risk with SoLockManager::GetUnlockString – CAS-32037
    #OIV-2257 SoGLBufferObject not always cleared when destroying it.
    #OIV-2302 Navigation is still enabled when using pick mode with SoQtExaminerViewer.
    #OIV-2315 Huge performance display slowdown with PoNonLinearValueLegend3 – CAS-32841
    #OIV-2317 Change of behavior in 10.3.2 vs 10.3.1 when setting SoSwitch::whichChild=-2 – CAS-32839

  • Commercialization
  • #OIV-2290 Ressources used by the draggers are not in the Headless package – CAS-32783-D7F0

  • Core
  • #OIV-1646 Shapes disappearing when activating FSAA on a scene graph containing FullSceneAntialiasing nodes.
    #OIV-2108 FastEdit does not work with stereo
    #OIV-2165 Dragger's shape disappearing on redraw – CAS-32528-H1D6
    #OIV-2182 Crash while Zooming In/Out (RenderEngine thread accesses null ptr) – CAS-32557-F5V1
    #OIV-2183 SoText3 with TGS_Simplex_Roman font and Japanese characters, displays a text with wrong size – CAS-32558-B4S4
    #OIV-2191 SoText3 with TGS_Simplex_Roman font doesn’t display anymore extended ASCII characters – CAS-32560-B7S7
    #OIV-2269 SimpleVertexAtttribFeedback algorithm is not working
    #OIV-2276 Memory leak when RemoteViz client is reloaded.
    #OIV-2297 Picking is broken with SoMultipleInstance and SoBufferedShape
    #OIV-2316 Shapes abnormally disappear after changing SoSwitch::whichChild several times – CAS-32839
    #OIV-2346 Crash on well rendering with shaders when ZScale changes – CAS-32931
    #OIV-2363 Fog is not applied on SoText2

  • MeshVizXLM Extractor
  • #OIV-1954 Limitation in the size of structured mesh – CAS-32186

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-2331 Dangling pointer in MetricsListener when the connection is closed brutally.
    #OIV-2355 Video freezes when HTML element is in overlay on Chrome

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-1058 ClearPolicy has no effect on color/depth buffers of the client framebuffer
    #OIV-1930 SoInteractionElement is not set correctly by QtViewerComponents
    #OIV-1931 SoInteractionElement is not set correctly by Win ViewerComponents
    #OIV-2368 The camera height angle is not preserved in ViewerComponent – CAS-33003

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-2112 Best equal resolution broken in VolumeViz
    #OIV-2161 MultiDataSeparator: sub-volume not displayed and TransferFunction mismatch
    #OIV-2243 Volume rendering display bug when using exclusion box

Open Inventor 10.4.0

  • Core
  • #OIV-2048 New method in SoConverterParameters to set the verticalFlip flag – CAS-32277