10.6.0 - 10.6.1

Open Inventor 10.6.1

    #OIV-2571 Transparency display issue with packed colors. – CAS-33438
    #OIV-2822 Missing mutexes lead to crashes in SbThreadStorage.
    #OIV-2844 UTF8 path not correctly handled by readDicomHeader

  • Commercialization
  • #OIV-2882 Incorrect links to developer zone in html files

  • Core
  • #OIV-2758 Supersampling antialiasing mode does not impact the lighting in HighlightingStyles demo
    #OIV-2799 Touch interactions blocked by native browser while using a touch screen – CAS-33945-Q7L6

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-2861 Infinite loop when setting incompatible pair of still/interactive encoders

  • Viewers
  • #OIV-2184 SoQtExaminerViewer::setCursorStyle does not have any effect

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-2859 Jpeg compression limited to tile size 128.
    #OIV-2866 Update region doesn't reload the root tile

Open Inventor 10.6.0

Also includes 10.5.3 fixed bugs

  • Core
  • #OIV-2707 FPS increased in RenderToTexture demo.