10.8.0 - 10.8.1 - 10.8.2 - 10.8.3

Open Inventor 10.8.3

    #OIV-3082 Loading/Converting Dicom volumes, loading LDM volumes and finally time to 1st render is slower in 10.7 vs 9.9 – CAS-34754
    #OIV-3166 Abnormal changes of displayed colors when zooming in
    #OIV-3268 SoMouseWheelEvent fails to return the status of the Ctrl and Alt keys

  • Core
  • #OIV-2991 Bad rendering with TransfertFunction2D demo
    #OIV-3211 [OIV Java] missing method appendUnlockString() and method getUnlockString not deprecated in SoLockManager
    #OIV-3270 [MolViz] Crash while manipulating Molecules – CAS-35449-M0C7

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-2881 .NET compilation of ViewerComponents generate a lot warnings

Open Inventor 10.8.2

    #OIV-3046 Wrong display with sorted pixel transparency and FSAA anti-aliasing – CAS-34750
    #OIV-3050 Random error when clicking on object – CAS-34754
    #OIV-3101 [.NET] Crash in SoNetBase finalizer
    #OIV-3140 Crash in wireframe with shadows and callback – CAS-35086
    #OIV-3141 Shadows only shown on first render – CAS-35087
    #OIV-3164 Text flickering with SORTED_PIXEL transparency – CAS-35124
    #OIV-3183 Displaying SoViewingCube abnormally changes the current camera orientation – CAS-35160
    #OIV-3184 SoViewingCube generates a crash – CAS-35160
    #OIV-3222 Unexpected stairs effects with SoUniformGridClipping/SoVolumeRender

  • Core
  • #OIV-2719 SoBufferedShape example code for SoGPUBufferObject does not work "as is"
    #OIV-3090 Crash on exit after using SoRotateDiscDragger
    #OIV-3163 MFCREnderAreaGuiIntegration demo crashes when checking license
    #OIV-3217 Dragger highlithing shows wrong coloring with OpenInventor Java
    #OIV-3220 SoGLRenderAction::setSmoothing() does not enable rendering of "round" points
    #OIV-3227 Crash when Selecting AnnoText3 node
    #OIV-3228 Selecting Background makes Shapes disappear
    #OIV-3229 Missing PathSensors Notifications
    #OIV-3230 Crashes when changing the render-mode after window resize – CAS-35297
    #OIV-3242 Performances : adding a child to SoMultipleInstance node is abnormally slow

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3144 Performance regression in some cases when picking an SoVolumeRendering
    #OIV-3256 HeightFieldRender coloring issue when using only HeightFieldGeometry – CAS-35386

Open Inventor 10.8.1

    #OIV-2914 Memory error when calling OIV.Inventor.Win.SoWin.Finish and memory usage too high – CAS-34361
    #OIV-3110 Highlighting stop working/crashes in some cases – CAS-34938

  • Core
  • #OIV-2981 Memory leak when a RenderArea is reloaded.
    #OIV-3005 Setting a Scale in from of a scene in a MPR viewer does not lead to correct rendering – CAS-34609-C6K1
    #OIV-3099 SoLocateHighlight does not highlight shapes – CAS-34938-H1B3

  • MeshVizXLM Extractor
  • #OIV-3114 MeshViz crash when extracting a skin on a mixed mesh containing linear cells and quadratic cells

  • OIV Studio
  • #OIV-2896 No description of OpenInventorStudio in reference manual – CAS-34326

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-2983 SoViewingCube Java and NET documentations have some bad formatting

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3125 The SoVolumeMask demo does not work

Open Inventor 10.8.0

Also includes 10.7.3 fixed bugs
    #OIV-3058 OIV freezes when zoom in a specific scenegraph – CAS-34749

  • Core
  • #OIV-2286 Enhanced performance with SoAnnoText3. – CAS-33507-P9C4
    #OIV-2364 SoText2 : CPU Memory consumption is higher compared to OIV 9 – CAS-34088-S6D8
    #OIV-2948 SoText2 : CPU Memory is not stable when resizing window
    #OIV-2520 Text performances too slow. – CAS-33507
    #OIV-2850 Slow performances on opaque scene including Text3 with SORTED_PIXEL mode – CAS-34163-Y5S6
    #OIV-3119 Crash in SoText2Renderer in SimpleVolumeAxis demo
    #OIV-3129 Crash in SoAnnotext3 with SimpleVolumeAxis demo
    #OIV-3148 SimpleVolumeAxis demo crashes on exit

  • OivSuite.Java
  • #OIV-3038 [Viewer Components] Hang on Linux when exit with swt/glcanvas/renderareaorbiter java demo