This section contains topics currently in the research stage within our R&D.

Open Inventor Toolkit addresses complex technical challenges and requires intensive research before selecting future features to be implemented in our commercial solution.

We invite your input about the relevance and importance of these projects to your application requirements. We value your input and will use it to prioritize our efforts. The completion of these research projects depends on feasibility and resources. There is no guarantee that these projects will result in an official feature in future releases. Also, specifications are subject to change.

Enhance Viewer Components with Dear ImGui

A simple and quick demonstration on how to to use the bloat-free graphical user interface library developed by Omar Cornut to customize and enhance viewers components.

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Create a colormap editor using shaders

A complete and ready to use example showing how to create a colormap editor using shaders. The example also allows to export the result as an SoColorMap or SoTransferFunction to be imported in any scene graph.

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