The following document contains the release notes for the latest minor release 10.6.0 (May 2020).

Because Open Inventor 10 was a major step in the history of the SDK, please refer to the upgrade path documentation to get all the needed information and be sure your application is ready to be ported on this version of Open Inventor.

Important note: Since Open Inventor patch release 10.2.1, the DLLs and executables in the Open Inventor SDK are digitally signed for security. This should also avoid warning messages from anti-virus software.

See below the complete list of enhancements, new features included and old features removed in Open Inventor 10.6

Upcoming life cycle events
2020 will be the end of support for the following platforms. That means they won’t be available anymore starting Q1 2021.

  • Open Inventor 9 C++ : All 32-bit builds. Qt 5.6 will be replaced by Qt 5.15
  • Open Inventor 9 Java : Oracle JDK 8 (replaced by OpenJDK) and 32-bit build
  • Open Inventor 9 .Net : All 32-bit builds and 64-bit Visual Studio 2013 build (2015 and 2017 still supported)
  • Open Inventor 10 C++ : Qt 5.12 (replaced by Qt 5.15)
  • Open Inventor 10 Java : Oracle JDK 8 (replaced by OpenJDK)

Starting Q3 2021 we will stop supporting Visual Studio 2013 for Open Inventor 9 C++
If these changes will cause a problem for your application, please contact your sales rep as soon as possible.
By the end of 2020, the following platforms will be added

  • Open Inventor 10 C++ : RedHat 8 / gcc 8.2
  • Open Inventor Java 9 and 10 : OpenJDK will replace Oracle JDK


  • SoColorHighlightRenderAction(C++|Java|.Net)
    Is a new rendering action providing a different way of highlighting selected objects in a scene by coloring the whole selected shape, as shown by the following picture. The color can be customized using setColor (const SbColor &color) function

    The Highlight example has been renamed HighlightingStyles and can be used to see any highlight alternative provided by Open Inventor 10.6. This example can be found for :

    • C++: in $OIVHOME/examples/source/Inventor/Features/Highlight/
    • Java: in $OIVJHOME/examples/inventor/advanced/highlightingStyles
    • .NET: in $OIVNETHOME/examples/source/Inventor/Highlight/

    SoColorHighlightRenderAction(C++|Java|.Net) class is an alternative to SoShapeHighlightRenderAction which has been removed from the API. Please note that this change may not affect your application as SoShapeHighlightRenderAction has never been exposed (it was tagged as SoINTERNAL). If, for any reason, your application was using it, you must now replace it by this new SoColorHighlightRenderAction(C++|Java|.Net)

  • Various optimizations
    • The management of caches associated to any SoSeparator is now much more efficient compare to previous version. Until OIV10.5, removing any shape belonging to a separator could break caches attached to this separator. Starting with of OIV10.6, deleting a shape does not impact anymore the cache of the remaining shape in the parent SoSeparator, leading to drastic performance improvements when this SoSeparator contains many shapes
    • Compared to 10.5 time to render the first frame has again been slighty reduced (up to 20% in some cases), as memory consumption (from 3% to 6%)
  • SoUpdateAreaElement(C++|Java|.Net) new behavior
    Size set by SoUpdateAreaElement::set was previously interpreted as a ratio. Starting with Open Inventor 10.6 it will be read as a number of pixels
  • SoOffscreenRenderArea(C++|Java|.Net) RGBA support
    SoOffscreenRenderArea(C++|Java|.Net) now supports RGBA mode. In order to keep the compatibility with the current API, a new argument has been added to renderToFile (const SbString &filename) const and renderToBuffer (SoBufferObject *buffer) const.This argument, named outputformat, is of type OutputFormat which is a new public enum value of the SoOffscreenRenderArea(C++|Java|.Net) class. Possible values are RGB and RGBA and both updated functions use the RGB value as default (meaning default behavior remains the same as before)


  • API modification
    In order to provide your application with safer lifetime control on objects shared by RemoteViz, the API of RemoteViz has been updated in Open Inventor 10.6. Please find on this page what this implies for your application
  • ServiceListener(C++ | Java | .Net) new method
    The method onHTTPRequest has been added to ServiceListener(C++ | Java | .Net) class. This method is triggered when an HTTP connection not attempting to upgrade the connection to the WebSocket protocol is made. This allows service to respond to these requests with regular HTTP responses. It can be useful to manage health checks for instance in a Kubernetes context, readiness and liveness requests.
    Note, onHTTPRequest isn’t suitable to serve high volume requests or HTTP resources, in these cases prefer a dedicated HTTP server like Apache or Ngix.