Important notes:

  • The frequency of Open Inventor 10 releases changes. See life cycle for details.

The following document contains the release notes for the latest minor release 10.9.0 (March 2021)

Because Open Inventor 10 was a major step in the history of the SDK, please refer to the upgrade path documentation to get all the needed information and be sure your application is ready to be ported on this version of Open Inventor.

See below the complete list of enhancements, new features included and old features removed in Open Inventor 10.9

Upcoming life cycle events

In 2021, and beginning with Open Inventor 10.9, we will change the frequency of minor (feature) releases. We will now deliver two minor versions per year, one in March and one in September.

Thus the next version, Open Inventor 10.10, will be delivered in September 2021. This change means customers will spend less time updating their development environment.

Please note that we will continue to quickly deliver patch releases (10.y.x) as often as needed to maintain quality and reliability

Also in 2021, Q3 , the following platforms will be added:

  • Open Inventor 10 C++ & Java: Ubuntu 20.04 (gcc 9)

Platforms update

  • Upgrade QT version

    Open Inventor C++ 10.9 is built and compatible with Qt 5.15. Each Qt5xxx library embeded in Open Inventor packages corresponds to 5.15 version. The following components of Open Inventor 10.9 and higher are built using Qt 5.15:

    • The tools IvTune and OpenInventorStudio
    • The lib fei_inventor_ui_qt of the historical Qt viewers
    • The lib fei_dialogViz_qt of the DialogViz Qt extension
    • The lib fei_inventor_QtViewerComponents of the viewer components
  • New platform Linux RHEL8
    Open Inventor C++ & Java 10.9 are available on RHEL8. All C++ codes are built using gcc8 compiler on this new supported platform.
  • Upgrade java version
    Open Inventor Java 10.9 is built and compatible with OpenJDK 11. All Open Inventor jars of Open Inventor 10.9 and higher are built using this jdk and using the java language version 11.

Viewer Components

  • Antialiasing

    New methods have been added in render areas to ease activation of antialiasing. Even if antialiasing methods were already available in the classes SoRenderAreaCore(C++|Java|.Net) and SoSceneManager(C++|Java|.Net), it was necessary to derive some classes of the viewer component to activate antialiasing in the rendea areas. As of Open Inventor 10.9 this derivation is no longer necessary thanks to the following new methods in the RenderArea classes MFC/Win/Qt (C++), awt/swt (Java) and wpf (.NET):

    • set/getAntialiasingMode
    • set/getAntialiasingQuality
    • set/getStillSuperSamplingQuality
    • set/getStillSuperSamplingDelay

    The examples RenderAreaOrbiter, HorizonShiftProjection & HighlightingStyles have been simplified by using these new methods.


  • New data loading options
    3 new fields have been added in the class SoLDMResourceParameters(C++|Java|.Net) to extend the data loading options in VolumeViz: minTilesToLoad, viewpointRefinementPolicy and tileBorders.
  • Time to pick a voxel in a volume rendering has been significantly reduced, specially when the 'pick all' flag is set to false. This is particularly noticeable when the picked voxel is close to the volume boundary


  • Image Registration improvements

    The rangeModeReference, intensityRangeReference, rangeModeModel and intensityRangeModel fields have been added in the class SoImageRegistrationTransform(C++|Java|.Net) to perform a registration on predefined data ranges of the reference and model images. The minimum and maximum intensity of the model and reference images to be considered can be separately set. This feature makes it now possible to ignore some image areas, for instance those corresponding to acquisition artifacts.

    The Euclidean metric of the metricType attribute was producing the same result as the Mutual Information metric. It is now working correctly.

  • New library dependency
    The ImageViz extension depends on the new library fei_proxy_documentation. It must be added to redistribute your application if it uses ImageViz


  • The licensing model evolves

    As of Open Inventor 10.9, only one license of RemoteViz per running RemoteViz service is necessary. In order to run a service using Open Inventor, VolumeViz and RemoteViz for instance, 1 license of Open Inventor, 1 license of VolumeViz and 1 license of RemoteViz per running service must be provided and that, independently of the number of connections to each service.

  • Better respect of the user privacy

    In order to make the Client class more consistent accross web browsers and also more respectful of user privacy, the behavior of the Client class has been updated. It no longer lists all opened RenderAreas in the user web browser, but only the RenderArea(C++|Java|.Net) opened on the same page.

  • Internet Explorer dropped
    Starting with Open Inventor 10.9, Internet Explorer is no longer supported as Miscrosoft Edge support has been added.