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Tool class for building a basic interactive OpenInventor application with scene "examiner" viewing behavior. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/nodes/SceneExaminer.h>

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Public Types

enum  InteractionMode {
enum  NavigationMode {

Public Member Functions

 SceneExaminer ()
virtual ~SceneExaminer ()
void enableSelection (bool enabled)
bool isSelectionEnabled ()
void enableZoom (bool enabled)
bool isZoomEnabled ()
void enablePan (bool enabled)
bool isPanEnabled ()
void enableOrbit (bool enabled)
bool isOrbitEnabled ()
void enableRotate (bool enabled)
bool isRotateEnabled ()
void enableSeek (bool enabled)
bool isSeekEnabled ()
void setNavigationMode (SceneExaminer::NavigationMode mode)
bool isSpinEnabled () const
void enableSpin (bool enable)
SceneExaminer::NavigationMode getNavigationMode ()
void setInteractionMode (SceneExaminer::InteractionMode mode)
SceneExaminer::InteractionMode getInteractionMode ()
virtual void setCameraMode (SceneInteractor::CameraMode mode)
void setSeekMode (bool onOrOff)
void addInteractionModeListener (SiInteractionModeListener *listener)
void removeInteractionModeListener (SiInteractionModeListener *listener)

Detailed Description

Tool class for building a basic interactive OpenInventor application with scene "examiner" viewing behavior.

The SceneExaminer is an extension of the SceneInteractor node that provides camera and headlight manipulations like panning, zooming and orbiting similar to the classic Open Inventor viewer classes SoXtExaminerViewer (NavigationMode ORBIT) and SoXtPlaneViewer (NavigationMode PLANE).

Similar behavior includes a 'headlight', i.e. an SoDirectionalLight node automatically aligned with the camera's view direction.

The SceneExaminer is not directly comparable with a classic OpenInventor viewer as it does not provide any GUI (no buttons, no popup menu) and fewer interactive features (no animation). However it does provide a touch event handler that allows manipulating a scene on a touch device.

See parent class SceneInteractor for more details about the structure of the internal scene graph.

The SceneExaminer uses an instance of SoCameraInteractor to manipulate the camera in response to OpenInventor events.




SceneInteractor, SceneOrbiter, SoCameraInteractor, SiInteractionModeListener

Member Enumeration Documentation

Interaction Mode (navigation or selection).


Navigation Mode.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SceneExaminer::SceneExaminer (  ) 


virtual SceneExaminer::~SceneExaminer (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SceneExaminer::addInteractionModeListener ( SiInteractionModeListener listener  ) 

Add interaction listener.

void SceneExaminer::enableOrbit ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable camera orbiting.

Default is true.

void SceneExaminer::enablePan ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable camera panning.

Default is true.

void SceneExaminer::enableRotate ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable camera rotation.

Default is true.

void SceneExaminer::enableSeek ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable seek.

Default is true.

void SceneExaminer::enableSelection ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable selection mode.

Default is true.

void SceneExaminer::enableSpin ( bool  enable  ) 

Enables or disables the spin animation.

Default is false.

When spin animation is enabled, the user can use the mouse to start a spin animation by "flinging". Press the mouse button / touch, drag in the direction of desired spin and release the mouse button / touch while still dragging. This is equivalent to spin animation in the classic viewer classes, e.g. SoWinExaminerViewer.

void SceneExaminer::enableZoom ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable zoom.

Default is true.

SceneExaminer::InteractionMode SceneExaminer::getInteractionMode (  ) 

Returns the current interaction mode.

SceneExaminer::NavigationMode SceneExaminer::getNavigationMode (  ) 

Returns the current navigation mode.

bool SceneExaminer::isOrbitEnabled (  ) 

Returns if camera orbiting is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isPanEnabled (  ) 

Returns if camera panning is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isRotateEnabled (  ) 

Returns if camera rotation is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isSeekEnabled (  ) 

Returns if seek is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isSelectionEnabled (  ) 

Returns if selection is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isSpinEnabled (  )  const

Returns true if spin animation is enabled.

bool SceneExaminer::isZoomEnabled (  ) 

Returns if zoom is enabled.

void SceneExaminer::removeInteractionModeListener ( SiInteractionModeListener listener  ) 

Remove interaction listener.

virtual void SceneExaminer::setCameraMode ( SceneInteractor::CameraMode  mode  )  [virtual]

Select perspective or orthographic camera.

Default is perspective.

Reimplemented from SceneInteractor.

void SceneExaminer::setInteractionMode ( SceneExaminer::InteractionMode  mode  ) 

Set interaction mode to navigation or selection.

Default is NAVIGATION.

void SceneExaminer::setNavigationMode ( SceneExaminer::NavigationMode  mode  ) 

Set navigation mode.

Default is ORBIT.

void SceneExaminer::setSeekMode ( bool  onOrOff  ) 

Set the interaction into or out off seek mode (default is off).

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