SoCADInputReaderParameters Class Reference
[Inventor CAD file format support]

VSG extension CAD Input reader Parameters when importing CAD file type. More...

#include <Inventor/io/CAD/SoCADInputReaderParameters.h>

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struct  ImportOption
 Specify how the scene graph resulting from the import should be generated. More...
struct  TessellationOption
 Parameters used to tessellate the model during import. More...

Public Types

enum  Quality {

Public Member Functions

 SoCADInputReaderParameters ()
virtual ~SoCADInputReaderParameters ()
void setTessellationOption (Quality quality=MEDIUM)
void setTessellationOption (const TessellationOption &option)
const TessellationOptiongetTessellationOption () const
void setImportOption (const ImportOption &option)
const ImportOptiongetImportOption () const

Detailed Description

VSG extension CAD Input reader Parameters when importing CAD file type.

This class provides tessellation and import options for the CADReader module. It is used with the SoInput::setInputParameters() method.


SoCADInputReader, SoCADFileFormat

Member Enumeration Documentation


Low quality / less time and memory consumption.


Medium quality / reasonnable quality, time and memory consumption in most case.


High Quality / more time and memory consumption.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoCADInputReaderParameters::SoCADInputReaderParameters (  ) 


virtual SoCADInputReaderParameters::~SoCADInputReaderParameters (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

const ImportOption& SoCADInputReaderParameters::getImportOption (  )  const

Return current import options.

const TessellationOption& SoCADInputReaderParameters::getTessellationOption (  )  const

Return current tessellation options.

void SoCADInputReaderParameters::setImportOption ( const ImportOption option  ) 

Specify import options.

void SoCADInputReaderParameters::setTessellationOption ( const TessellationOption option  ) 

Specify tessellation options.

void SoCADInputReaderParameters::setTessellationOption ( Quality  quality = MEDIUM  ) 

Specify predefined tessellation options.

Advanced users can use the TessellationOption struct to have more control.

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