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#include <ImageViz/Engines/GeometryAndMatching/GeometricTransforms/SoResampleImageProcessing3d.h>

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Public Types

enum  SamplingMode {
enum  InterpolationType {
  NEAREST = 0,

Public Member Functions

 SoResampleImageProcessing3d ()

Public Attributes

SoSFImageDataAdapter inImage
SoSFBox3f subVolume
SoSFMatrix subVolumeTransform
SoSFEnum samplingMode
SoSFVec3i32 subVolumeDimension
SoSFEnum interpolationType
SoSFDouble paddingValue
SoSFMatrix transform
< SoSFImageDataAdapter,
SoImageDataAdapter * > 

Detailed Description

ImageViz SoResampleImageProcessing3d filter

The SoResampleImageProcessing3d engine allows to resample an input image into a new coordinate system applying a transform on it.

For instance it can be used to :

The resampled sub-volume is defined by an SbBox3f (axis aligned box) in 3D space and a SbMatrix that transforms the axis aligned box. The output voxel values are computed by interpolating the input image.

The SbMatrix that transforms the axis aligned box must only contain translation, rotation and scale (no shearing), otherwise an error is raised.

An additional transformation can be applied to each output voxel position before the interpolation. This is useful for re-sampling an image after a registration.



SoSampleImageProcessing, SoProxyDataAdapter

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Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum defines the type of interpolation used.


The assigned value is the value of the nearest point in the input image.


A tri-linear interpolation is used to compute the output image.

This enum defines how the voxel size of the output image is computed.


The voxel size is automatically computed to be as close as possible to the input image.

Note that this mode does not work if SoResampleImageProcessing3d::transform is not the identity (an error is raised) .


The user specifies the output image dimension (SoResampleImageProcessing3d::outputImageDimension) and thus the output voxel size.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoResampleImageProcessing3d::SoResampleImageProcessing3d (  ) 


Member Data Documentation

The input image.

Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label.

The type of interpolation used for the re-sampling.

Default value is LINEAR. Use enum InterpolationType

The output image.

The output value if an output voxel position is outside the bounding box of the input image.

Default value is 0.

Specifies how the voxel size is computed.

Default value is AUTOMATIC. Use enum SamplingMode

Specifies the input subvolume as an axis aligned box in 3D space.

Default is (0,0,0, 1,1,1). This box is (optionally) transformed by the subVolumeTransform to define the final input subvolume.

The dimensions of the output sub volume.

If the parameter SoResampleImageProcessing3d::samplingMode is not set to MANUAL this parameter is ignored. Default value is (1,1,1).

Specifies a transformation of the axis aligned box subVolume.

Default is identity.

This transformation is applied to all output voxel positions before the interpolation.

The default value is the identity.

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