DialogViz is a simple user-interface toolkit. More...



Detailed Description

DialogViz is a simple user-interface toolkit.

It enables you to create simple user interfaces in a platform-independent way. You can specify the user interface by loading its definition from an Open Inventor (.iv) file and/or you can specify it programmatically.

Here are some examples of user interfaces generated using DialogViz. DialogViz supports both a 2D mode and a 3D mode. In 2D mode, DialogViz builds native user-interface objects to instantiate the interface. This is most useful on a desktop display. In 3D mode, DialogViz builds 3D geometry to instantiate the user interface. This is most useful in an immersive display environment. A powerful feature of DialogViz is that the same interface definition can be used in 2D (desktop) and 3D (immersive) modes.


DialogViz is organized into two components: Dialog and Auditors.

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