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This group provides a package of registration functions. More...


class  SoImagePreAlignmentTransform3d
  ImageViz SoImagePreAlignmentTransform3d image filter More...
class  SoImageRegistrationTransform
  ImageViz SoImageRegistrationTransform image filter More...

Detailed Description

This group provides a package of registration functions.

Spatial registration is about aligning or overlaying two or more data sets into the same coordinate system. In registration, typically one of the data sets is taken as the reference, and the other one is transformed - moved and possibly rescaled - until both data sets match. Registered data can be produced by different sensors, at different times, from different object regions, or from different specimens or models. Image registration methods can be manual, automatic, or semi-automatic. Closely related to registration is the task of data fusion, i.e., the simultaneous visualization of registered data sets, or combination into derivative data.

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