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Shader API.

Starting with Open Inventor 10, a complete shader API is available to access various state values from shaders. Most of GLSL built in uniforms (e.g, gl_ModelViewMatrix) have a matching Open Inventor method (e.g, OivModelViewMatrix()). However, GLSL functions such as cos, mix, greaterThan, and so on, are still available.

By default, OpenInventor build GLSL shader in 410 compatibility so it is not mandatory to specify version 410 compatibility in your shader. If you need a more recent version or some specific extensions, you will have to specify it in your shader.

Note that if you specify a version anterior to 410, Open Inventor will override it and compile in 410 anyway.

Even if a shader is built in compatibility, it is a good practice to respect GLSL 410 specifications. Otherwise you will get lots of "warning deprecated ..." messages.

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