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MeshViz Regular volume mesh abstract interface. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/mesh/MiVolumeMeshRegular.h>

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MiMeshIjk MiMeshRegular MiMesh MiMesh MbVolumeMeshRegular< _CoordT, _ScalarT, _Vec3T, _Layout > MyVolumeMeshRegular

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Protected Member Functions

virtual std::ostream & toStream (std::ostream &s) const

Detailed Description

MeshViz Regular volume mesh abstract interface.

This interface defines a regular volume mesh. It is a parallelepiped subdivided into parallelepiped cells. All cells have the same size. The geometry of this parallelepiped is given by getMin() and getMax() inherited from MiMeshRegular::getGeometry(). The number of cells on each axis is given by getNumCellsI(), getNumCellsJ() and getNumCellsK() inherited from MiMeshIjk::getTopology().


MiVolumeMeshCurvilinear, MiVolumeMeshRectilinear, MiVolumeMeshUnstructured, MiVolumeMeshHexahedronIjk, MiVolumeMeshVertexHexahedronIjk

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Member Function Documentation

virtual std::ostream& MiVolumeMeshRegular::toStream ( std::ostream &  s  )  const [inline, protected, virtual]

Performs an output operation on a stream which is returned afterward. This method is protected since only called by the output operator <<. This method is not pure virtual and output by default the geometry and topology of a mesh. Whenever a different output is needed, this method can be implemented in the subclass to get a different output format. No std::ostream& operator << needs to be defined in any subclass. This allows you to benefit from the virtual inheritance when using the output operator on an abstract class.

Reimplemented from MiMeshIjk.

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