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Variablesdefined in
Functionsdefined in
get() const SoMemoryObject
getRefCount() const SoRefCounter [inline]
getType() const SoMemoryObject [inline]
length() const SoMemoryObject
lock() const SoRefCounter [inline]
ref() const SoRefCounter
SoMemoryObject(void *buf, size_t byteSize, bool owner=true)SoMemoryObject
SoMemoryObject(void *buf, size_t byteSize, SbDataType type, CopyPolicy policy)SoMemoryObject
SoMemoryObject(SoBufferObject *bufObj, SbDataType type=SbDataType::UNSIGNED_BYTE, bool owner=true)SoMemoryObject
unlock() const SoRefCounter [inline]
unref() const SoRefCounter
unrefNoDelete() const SoRefCounter
~SoMemoryObject()SoMemoryObject [virtual]
Enumerationsdefined in
CopyPolicy enum nameSoMemoryObject
Enumeratordefined in
COPY enum valueSoMemoryObject
NO_COPY enum valueSoMemoryObject
NO_COPY_AND_DELETE enum valueSoMemoryObject
NO_COPY_AND_FREE enum valueSoMemoryObject
Typedefsdefined in

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