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#include <DialogViz/dialog/SoMenuPopup.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoMenuPopup ()
void addAuditor (SoDialogAuditor *auditor)
void removeAuditor (SoDialogAuditor *auditor)
SoDialogVizsearchForAuditorId (SbString id)
virtual void addChild (SoMenuItem *child)
virtual void insertChild (SoMenuItem *child, int newChildIndex)
virtual SoNodegetChild (int index) const
virtual int getNumChildren () const
virtual int findChild (const SoMenuItem *child) const
virtual void removeChild (int index)
virtual void removeChild (SoMenuItem *child)
virtual void removeAllChildren ()
virtual void replaceChild (int index, SoMenuItem *newChild)
virtual void replaceChild (SoMenuItem *oldChild, SoMenuItem *newChild)

Detailed Description

VSG extension Menu Popup node.

This node creates either a pulldown menu if it is inserted in an SoMenuBar or a cascade menu mechanism if it is inserted in an SoMenuPopup. A SoMenuPopup node consists in a set of SoMenuItem nodes. You can add, insert and remove menu items (SoMenuItem) by using addChild(), insertChild() and removeChild() methods.

You can change the parts in any instance of this menu popup using setPart(). The default part geometries are defined as resources for this SoMenuPopup class. They are detailed below in the Catalog Parts section of the online reference page for this class. You can make your program use different default resources for the parts by copying the file $OIVHOME/data/DialogViz/Skins/default/MenuPopup.iv into your own directory, editing the file, and then setting the environment variable DIALOGVIZ_SKINS_DIR to be a path to that directory, or by using the setSkinDirectory() method in your application.



Extra information for parts from above structure

Part Name
Skin file



SoMenuItem, SoMenuCheckBox, SoMenuCheckBoxLauncher, SoMenuPushButton, SoMenuPushButtonLauncher, SoMenuFileSelection, SoMenuRadioButtons, SoMenuSeparator

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoMenuPopup::SoMenuPopup (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void SoMenuPopup::addAuditor ( SoDialogAuditor auditor  ) 

Add a dialogAuditor to current menuPopup component.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::addChild ( SoMenuItem child  )  [virtual]

Adds a child as last one in group.

virtual int SoMenuPopup::findChild ( const SoMenuItem child  )  const [virtual]

Finds index of given child within group.

Returns -1 if not found.

virtual SoNode* SoMenuPopup::getChild ( int  index  )  const [virtual]

Returns pointer to child node with the given index.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual int SoMenuPopup::getNumChildren (  )  const [virtual]

Returns number of children.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::insertChild ( SoMenuItem child,
int  newChildIndex 
) [virtual]

Adds a child so that it becomes the one with the given index.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::removeAllChildren (  )  [virtual]

Removes all children from group.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

void SoMenuPopup::removeAuditor ( SoDialogAuditor auditor  ) 

Remove the defined DialogAuditor from the auditor list.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::removeChild ( SoMenuItem child  )  [virtual]

Removes first instance of given child from group.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::removeChild ( int  index  )  [virtual]

Removes child with given index from group.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::replaceChild ( SoMenuItem oldChild,
SoMenuItem newChild 
) [virtual]

Replaces first instance of given child with new child.

virtual void SoMenuPopup::replaceChild ( int  index,
SoMenuItem newChild 
) [virtual]

Replaces child with given index with new child.

SoDialogViz* SoMenuPopup::searchForAuditorId ( SbString  id  ) 

Retrieves the DialogViz object from the specified auditorID field in an SoMenuPopup structure.

NULL is returned if auditorID string is not found.

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