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Scale (pinch) gesture recognizer. More...

#include <Inventor/gestures/recognizers/SoScaleGestureRecognizer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoScaleGestureRecognizer ()
virtual ~SoScaleGestureRecognizer ()
SoEventrecognize (SoEvent *touchEvent)

Detailed Description

Scale (pinch) gesture recognizer.

SoScaleGestureRecognizer analyses touch events and recognizes a scale (two finger pinch) gesture. It returns an SoScaleGestureEvent (pinch) event if this gesture is recognized. The scale event contains the scale factor between the current state and the initial one. This recognizer generates a BEGIN event, followed by DELTA events and finishing with an END event (SoGestureEvent::getGestureState()).



SoGestureRecognizer, SoRotateGestureRecognizer, SoDoubleTapGestureRecognizer, SoLongTapGestureRecognizer, SoScaleGestureEvent

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoScaleGestureRecognizer::SoScaleGestureRecognizer (  ) 


virtual SoScaleGestureRecognizer::~SoScaleGestureRecognizer (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

SoEvent* SoScaleGestureRecognizer::recognize ( SoEvent touchEvent  )  [virtual]

If two fingers are "pinching" on the screen, it returns an event with the ratio between the current distance between fingers and the initial distance when the second finger was put down.

If no gesture has been recognized, returns null. Returns a pointer to an internal data object. Do not modify or delete this object.

Implements SoGestureRecognizer.

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