Quadratic Surface mesh example

MeshViz Demonstrates the quadratic surface mesh representation.

This program shows how to visualize a non-linear surface.

A quadratic surface is loaded and tessellated using geometric tessellator. The program displays the non-linear representation of this surface and its outline.

Hit T to enable the basic tessellator, thus displaying the linear representation of this surface.

Hit L to display only edges of the surface.

Lighting: Like other geometry in Open Inventor, MeshViz rendering objects are only lit on one side. You will generally want to add an SoShapeHints to enable two sided lighting (so you can see both sides of the slice).



MiTessellator, MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry, MoMesh, MoMeshSurface, MoMeshOutline, MoTessellator, MoScalarSetI, MoPredefinedColorMapping


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