Inventor/helpers/SbGlContextHelper.h File Reference

#include <Inventor/SbBase.h>

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class  SbGLShareContext
 Class encapsulating information about an OpenGL context: a handle on an OpenGL context and its id. More...


namespace  SbGlContextHelper


typedef struct _XDisplay Display
typedef unsigned long GLXDrawable
typedef unsigned long GLXPixmap
typedef struct __GLXcontextRec * GLXContext
typedef unsigned long GLXFBConfigID
typedef unsigned long GLXWindow
typedef unsigned long GLXPbuffer
typedef unsigned long Colormap
typedef unsigned long Pixmap
typedef unsigned long Window
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec * GLXFBConfig
typedef ::DisplaySbGlContextHelper::Display
typedef GLXContext SbGlContextHelper::GLContext
typedef void * SbGlContextHelper::VisualInfo
typedef GLXDrawable SbGlContextHelper::Drawable


GLContext SbGlContextHelper::getCurrentContext ()
Display SbGlContextHelper::getCurrentDisplay ()
Drawable SbGlContextHelper::getCurrentDrawable ()
bool SbGlContextHelper::isValidDisplay (Display dpy)
VisualInfo SbGlContextHelper::getWindowVisualInfo (Display dpy, Drawable drawable)
VisualInfo SbGlContextHelper::getWindowVisualInfo (Display dpy, Drawable drawable, GLContext ctx)
void SbGlContextHelper::releaseVisualInfo (VisualInfo visualInfo)
GLContext SbGlContextHelper::createContext (Display dpy, VisualInfo vis, GLContext shareList, bool direct, int layer=0)
bool SbGlContextHelper::destroyContext (Display dpy, GLContext ctx)
bool SbGlContextHelper::makeCurrent (Display dpy, Drawable drawable, GLContext ctx)
bool SbGlContextHelper::shareContext (Display dpy, GLContext srcCtx, GLContext newCtx)

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned long Colormap
typedef struct _XDisplay Display
typedef struct __GLXcontextRec* GLXContext
typedef unsigned long GLXDrawable
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec* GLXFBConfig
typedef unsigned long GLXFBConfigID
typedef unsigned long GLXPbuffer
typedef unsigned long GLXPixmap
typedef unsigned long GLXWindow
typedef unsigned long Pixmap
typedef unsigned long Window

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