BasicJqueryGUI example

HTML user interface example using Jquery library.

This example shows you how to use Jquery library in the client-side and how to interact with the RemoteViz service to change the color of the Cone. It displays a gray cone or a red cone when clicking on the HTML button.

Run the demo:

1. Go to "OIVHOME/examples/bin/OIVARCH/RemoteViz" and run the executable "BasicJQueryGUIRenderingService".

2. Go to "OIVHOME/examples/source/RemoteViz/BasicJqueryGUI/Clients/HTML5" and open the "index.html" file inside a web browser.

Note: In this example, the RemoteViz service uses the localhost IP address ( by default. To run it on a web server, start the demo by passing the service IP address and port as arguments (ex : BasicJQueryGUIRenderingService 8082) and edit the file "index.html" (client side) to modify the IP address and the port.



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