IvtProfile Class Reference

VSG extension Configuration profile. More...

#include <IvTune/IvTuneExtender/IvtProfile.h>

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Public Member Functions

void activate ()
void addExtension (IvtExtension *extension, IvtProfileSetting *preference)
void addIncludeProfile (const SbString &profileName)
void deactivate ()
const std::map< IvtExtension
*, IvtProfileSetting * > & 
getExtensions () const
const std::list< SbString > & getIncludeProfile () const
SbString getName () const
SbBool isActive () const
void removeExtension (IvtExtension *extension)
 IvtProfile (const SbString &name)
virtual ~IvtProfile ()

Detailed Description

VSG extension Configuration profile.

This class handles IvTune extensions activated by a profile.

Since Open Inventor 9.0



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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IvtProfile::IvtProfile ( const SbString name  ) 


name the name of this profile.
virtual IvtProfile::~IvtProfile (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void IvtProfile::activate (  ) 

Activate this profile and its associated extensions.

It also sets the preferences associated with the extensions.

void IvtProfile::addExtension ( IvtExtension extension,
IvtProfileSetting preference 

Add the given extension and its preferences to this profile.

extension the extension to add.
preference the preference associated to the extension.
void IvtProfile::addIncludeProfile ( const SbString profileName  ) 

Include the specified profile in this profile.

profileName the name of the profile to include.
void IvtProfile::deactivate (  ) 

Deactivate this profile and its associated extensions.

const std::map<IvtExtension*, IvtProfileSetting*>& IvtProfile::getExtensions (  )  const

Returns a map of the extensions and their associated preferences for this profile.

const std::list<SbString>& IvtProfile::getIncludeProfile (  )  const

Returns a list of names of the profiles included by the current profile.

SbString IvtProfile::getName (  )  const

Returns the name of this profile.

SbBool IvtProfile::isActive (  )  const

Returns true if this profile is active.

void IvtProfile::removeExtension ( IvtExtension extension  ) 

Remove the given extension.

extension the extension to remove.

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