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#include <IvTune/IvTuneExtender/IvtProfileSetting.h>

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Public Member Functions

SbString getParameter (const SbString &name) const
const std::map< SbString,
SbString > & 
getParameters () const
void setParameter (const SbString &name, const SbString &value)
void addControlledExtension (IvtExtension *ext, IvtProfileSetting *setting)
const std::map< IvtExtension
*, IvtProfileSetting * > & 
getControlledExtensions () const
void setControlledBy (IvtExtension *controlledBy)
IvtExtensiongetControlledBy () const
 IvtProfileSetting ()
virtual ~IvtProfileSetting ()

Detailed Description

VSG extension IvTune extension preferences

This class handles settings associated with an IvTune extension in the context of a profile. An active extension is an extension activated with a profile. A controlled extension is an extension activated by an active or another controlled extension.

Since Open Inventor 9.0


IvtProfile, IvtExtension

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IvtProfileSetting::IvtProfileSetting (  ) 


virtual IvtProfileSetting::~IvtProfileSetting (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void IvtProfileSetting::addControlledExtension ( IvtExtension ext,
IvtProfileSetting setting 

Add a controlled extension to the current extension (active or controlled).

ext the extension to add.
setting the setting associated to the extension.
IvtExtension* IvtProfileSetting::getControlledBy (  )  const

Returns null if it is an active extension (top level), otherwise the extension which is embedded and controlled by the current active extension.

const std::map<IvtExtension*, IvtProfileSetting* >& IvtProfileSetting::getControlledExtensions (  )  const

Returns the list of controlled extensions and associated settings for the current profile.

SbString IvtProfileSetting::getParameter ( const SbString name  )  const

Returns the value of the parameter from its name.

name the name of the parameter.
const std::map<SbString, SbString>& IvtProfileSetting::getParameters (  )  const

Returns the list of parameters and associated values for this preference.

void IvtProfileSetting::setControlledBy ( IvtExtension controlledBy  ) 

Set an extension which is embedded and controlled by current extension.

controlledBy the extension to be controlled.
void IvtProfileSetting::setParameter ( const SbString name,
const SbString value 

Set the specified parameter in this preference.

name the name of the parameter.
value the value of the parameter.

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