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MeshViz List of volume cells. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/mesh/topology/MbTopology.h>

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MiTopology MbTopologyI MbTopologyIj MbTopologyIjk< layout > MbHexahedronCellsSet MbLineCellsSet MbLineTopologyI MbPolygonCellsSet MbPolyhedronCellsSet MbQuadrangleCellsSet MbTetrahedronCellsSet MbTriangleCellsSet MbHexahedronTopologyExplicitIjk< layout >

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Public Member Functions

virtual size_t getTimeStamp () const
virtual bool hasDeadCells () const
void touch ()

Detailed Description

MeshViz List of volume cells.

A abstract omplementation for a mesh topology.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t MbTopology::getTimeStamp (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns a time stamp on this topology.

When the content of the topology changes, the time stamp must also change. The time stamp allows MeshViz to be aware of any change to this topology.

Implements MiTopology.

virtual bool MbTopology::hasDeadCells (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns true if the topology contains dead cells.

When false, the cells traversal can be optimized by not testing the isDead() method of each individual cells. The default implementation returns always false.

Reimplemented from MiTopology.

Reimplemented in MbTopologyIj, MbTopologyIjk< layout >, and MbTopologyIjk< _Layout >.

void MbTopology::touch (  )  [inline]

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