MeXVolumeTopologyExplicitI Class Reference

MeshViz List of extracted volume cells interface. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/extrmesh/topology/MeXVolumeTopologyExplicitI.h>

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MiVolumeTopologyExplicitI MeXTopologyExplicitI MiTopologyExplicitI MeXTopologyI MiTopologyI MiTopologyI MiTopology MiTopology MeWVolumeTopologyExplicitI

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Public Member Functions

virtual const MeXVolumeCellgetCell (size_t id) const =0

Detailed Description

MeshViz List of extracted volume cells interface.

A generic abstract interface for an extracted unstructured volume mesh topology.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const MeXVolumeCell* MeXVolumeTopologyExplicitI::getCell ( size_t  id  )  const [pure virtual]

Returns a cell of this topology.

The cell is identified by one id.

Implements MiVolumeTopologyExplicitI.

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