MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry Class Reference

MeshViz Geometrical edge error metric. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/tessellator/MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry.h>

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MiEdgeErrorMetric< MbVec3d >

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Public Member Functions

 MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry (double maxError)
virtual bool isEdgeLinear (const MbVec3d &coord0, const MbVec3d &coord1, const MbVec3d &coordM) const
void setMaxError (double maxError)
virtual size_t getTimeStamp () const

Detailed Description

MeshViz Geometrical edge error metric.

This class is an example implementation of the interface MiEdgeErrorMetric. It is used to check if an edge can be considered linear or not based on the coordinates of its end points coord0 and coord1, the coordinate coordM of the parametric middle point, and a tolerance factor maxError.

This class can be used as an argument to the method MiTessellator::getNewTessellatorGeometry().

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry::MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry ( double  maxError  )  [inline]

Constructor that sets the tolerance factor maxError.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry::getTimeStamp (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns the current time stamp on this edge error metric.

It changes each time the method setMaxError() is called.

Implements MiEdgeErrorMetric< MbVec3d >.

virtual bool MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry::isEdgeLinear ( const MbVec3d coord0,
const MbVec3d coord1,
const MbVec3d coordM 
) const [virtual]

Check if 3 points are linear based on their coordinates and the tolerance factor maxError.

If the method returns true, the segment defined by [coord0,coordM,coord1] is considered to be linear by the geometrical tessellator (see MiTessellator).


the segment is linear if d < maxError

[in] coord0 coordinate of the first end point of the segment.
[in] coord1 coordinate of the second end point of the segment.
[in] coordM coordinate corresponding the theoretical middle point of the segment.
true if the distance from the point coordM to the segment [coord0,coord1] < maxError

Implements MiEdgeErrorMetric< MbVec3d >.

void MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry::setMaxError ( double  maxError  )  [inline]

Set the tolerance factor maxError.

This method also updates the time stamp of the current instance of MxEdgeErrorMetricGeometry.

[in] maxError new value of the tolerance factor.

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