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HardCopy Class to create a dialog box for PostScript printing. More...

#include <HardCopy/editors/PoPrintPSMonitor.h>

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PoPrintMonitor SoXtComponent

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Public Types

enum  PrintPSMask {
  NO_PRINT_PS_MASK = 0x00000000,
  COLORED_MASK = 0x00000001,

Public Member Functions

 PoPrintPSMonitor (SoWidget Parent=NULL, const SbString &name="", SbBool buildInsideParent=TRUE)
virtual ~PoPrintPSMonitor ()
void setPrintPSFilter (unsigned long inclusionMask, unsigned long exclusionMask)
void getPrintPSFilter (unsigned long &inclusionMask, unsigned long &exclusionMask) const

Detailed Description

HardCopy Class to create a dialog box for PostScript printing.

Class to build a dialog box which contains all the necessary elements for configuring PostScript output. This class uses the SoVectorizePSAction class parameters.

NOTE: This class does not exist in Open Inventor 10.0 and later.


Deprecated since Open Inventor 9600
HardCopy editor classes are no longer supported.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PoPrintPSMonitor::PoPrintPSMonitor ( SoWidget  Parent = NULL,
const SbString name = "",
SbBool  buildInsideParent = TRUE 


virtual PoPrintPSMonitor::~PoPrintPSMonitor (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void PoPrintPSMonitor::getPrintPSFilter ( unsigned long &  inclusionMask,
unsigned long &  exclusionMask 
) const

Returns the editing filters.

See setPrintPSFilter.

void PoPrintPSMonitor::setPrintPSFilter ( unsigned long  inclusionMask,
unsigned long  exclusionMask 

Sets editing filters defining which print PostScript attributes will be displayed in the dialog box.

(By default inclusionMask = ALL_PRINT_PS_MASK and exclusionMask = NO_PRINT_PS_MASK).

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