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#include <RemoteViz/Rendering/Connection.h>

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Public Member Functions

const std::string & getId () const
ConnectionSettingsgetSettings () const
ConnectionParametersgetParameters () const
RenderAreagetRenderArea () const
unsigned int getRequestedWidth () const
unsigned int getRequestedHeight () const
unsigned int getContainerWidth () const
unsigned int getContainerHeight () const
ClientgetClient () const
bool sendMessage (const std::string &message) const
void close ()
EncodedFramegetLastEncodedFrame () const

Detailed Description


Represents a connection from a Client to a RenderArea managed by the RemoteViz service.

Member Function Documentation

void RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::close (  ) 

Closes the connection.

A KICKED disconnect message will be sent to the client.

Client* RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getClient (  )  const

Gets the id of the client associated with the connection.

the ID identifying the client
unsigned int RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getContainerHeight (  )  const

Gets the client container height.

the client container height
unsigned int RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getContainerWidth (  )  const

Gets the client container width.

the client container width
const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getId (  )  const

Gets the id of the connection.

the ID identifying the connection
EncodedFrame* RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getLastEncodedFrame (  )  const

Gets the last encoded frame sent by the connection.

encoded frame.
ConnectionParameters* RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getParameters (  )  const

Gets the connection parameters (field-value pairs included in the url during the client connection).

the connection parameters object
RenderArea* RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getRenderArea (  )  const

Gets the RenderArea associated with the connection.

the renderArea object
unsigned int RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getRequestedHeight (  )  const

Gets the last renderArea height requested by the client.

the requested renderArea height
unsigned int RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getRequestedWidth (  )  const

Gets the last renderArea width requested by the client.

the requested renderArea width
ConnectionSettings* RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::getSettings (  )  const

Gets the connection settings.

the connection settings object
bool RemoteViz::Rendering::Connection::sendMessage ( const std::string &  message  )  const

Sends a text message to the client.

The client-side message event will be triggered.

message : the message to be sent to the client
true if the message has been successfully sent, otherwise returns false.

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