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VSG extension Class for anaglyph stereo support. More...

#include <Inventor/components/stereo/SoAnaglyphStereo.h>

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Public Types

enum  ColorFilter {

Public Member Functions

 SoAnaglyphStereo (SoStereoViewer *stereoVwr=NULL)
 ~SoAnaglyphStereo ()
virtual void reverseStereoView (SbBool reverse)
virtual SbBool isStereoViewReversed ()
virtual void renderStereoView ()
virtual SbBool canClearBeforeRender ()
SbBool requireHardware ()
StereoViewType getStereoViewType ()
virtual void clearStereo ()
void setColorFilter (ColorFilter filter)
ColorFilter getColorFilter ()
void doLeftEyeSettings ()
void doRightEyeSettings ()
void doMonoscopicSettings ()

Detailed Description

VSG extension Class for anaglyph stereo support.

This type is similar to the raw stereo type (SoRawStereo). But it adds a color filter for each view rendered. The default is Red/Cyan. There are three kinds of filters (ColorFilter). You can reverse the left and rights views, making three new kinds of filters (CYAN_RED, etc.). The Alpha channel is used in both views.


SoStereoViewer, SoBaseStereo, SoWinViewer SoXtViewer

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Color Filter.

There is 3 types of filters. Note that you can reverse the view, making 3 new types of filters (CYAN_RED,etc.). Note also that this types are able to deal with two-colors glasses (rather than 3 colors) : RED_CYAN is also adpated for red/green glasses, and so on. Note that the Alpha channel is kept in both views.


Default value.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoAnaglyphStereo::SoAnaglyphStereo ( SoStereoViewer stereoVwr = NULL  )  [inline]


SoAnaglyphStereo::~SoAnaglyphStereo (  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

virtual SbBool SoAnaglyphStereo::canClearBeforeRender (  )  [virtual]

Queries ability to clear before rendering.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

virtual void SoAnaglyphStereo::clearStereo (  )  [virtual]

Clears stereo.

Reimplemented from SoBaseStereo.

void SoAnaglyphStereo::doLeftEyeSettings (  )  [virtual]

setup left eye settings for MPViewers stereo

Implements SoBaseStereo.

void SoAnaglyphStereo::doMonoscopicSettings (  )  [virtual]

setup monoscopic settings for MPViewers stereo

Implements SoBaseStereo.

void SoAnaglyphStereo::doRightEyeSettings (  )  [virtual]

setup right eye settings for MPViewers stereo

Implements SoBaseStereo.

ColorFilter SoAnaglyphStereo::getColorFilter (  )  [inline]

Queries the filter type.

StereoViewType SoAnaglyphStereo::getStereoViewType (  )  [inline, virtual]

Always returns SoBaseStereo::ANAGLYPH_STEREO.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

virtual SbBool SoAnaglyphStereo::isStereoViewReversed (  )  [virtual]

Queries stereo reversal.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

virtual void SoAnaglyphStereo::renderStereoView (  )  [virtual]

Renders the stereo view.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

SbBool SoAnaglyphStereo::requireHardware (  )  [inline, virtual]

Always returns FALSE.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

virtual void SoAnaglyphStereo::reverseStereoView ( SbBool  reverse  )  [virtual]

Sets stereo reversal.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

void SoAnaglyphStereo::setColorFilter ( ColorFilter  filter  )  [inline]

Sets the filter type.

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