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Large Data Management Base class for converting data sets into the LDM format. More...

#include <LDM/converters/SoBaseLDMConverter.h>

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SoConverter SoVolumeConverter

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Public Member Functions

 SoBaseLDMConverter (SbBool isClient=FALSE)
virtual SoVolumeReadergetReader (const SbString &filename, const SbString &fileExt)
virtual ~SoBaseLDMConverter ()

Detailed Description

Large Data Management Base class for converting data sets into the LDM format.

This is the base class for converting existing volume data sets into the LDM (Large Data Management) format. Normally you will use, for example, the derived class SoVolumeConverter to convert volume data.

The LDM converter classes provide many powerful features. Information common to all converter classes is documented in SoConverter, including:


SoConverter, SoVolumeConverter, SoVolumeReader

See related examples:


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoBaseLDMConverter::SoBaseLDMConverter ( SbBool  isClient = FALSE  ) 


virtual SoBaseLDMConverter::~SoBaseLDMConverter (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

SoVolumeReader * SoBaseLDMConverter::getReader ( const SbString filename,
const SbString fileExt 
) [inline, virtual]

Returns a custom reader according to the given filename and extension.

Returns NULL by default, meaning that SoBaseLDMConverter is configured to run with a predefined reader not a custom one. The method must be overridden in a derived class to return a user-defined custom reader.

filename part of the filename without extension.
fileExt part of the filename after the last '.'

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