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VSG extension Abstract base class for container dialog components. More...

#include <DialogViz/dialog/SoDialogGroup.h>

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Public Types

enum  ScrollVisibility {

Public Member Functions

void addAuditor (SoDialogAuditor *auditor)
void removeAuditor (SoDialogAuditor *auditor)
void applyAuditors ()
SoDialogVizsearchForAuditorId (SbString id)
virtual void addChild (SoDialogComponent *child)
virtual void insertChild (SoDialogComponent *child, int newChildIndex)
virtual SoNodegetChild (int index) const
virtual int getNumChildren () const
virtual int findChild (const SoDialogComponent *child) const
virtual void removeChild (int index)
virtual void removeChild (SoDialogComponent *child)
virtual void removeAllChildren ()
virtual void replaceChild (int index, SoDialogComponent *newChild)
virtual void replaceChild (SoDialogComponent *oldChild, SoDialogComponent *newChild)

Public Attributes

SoSFEnum vScrollVisibility
SoSFEnum hScrollVisibility
SoSFBool windowResizedByChildren
SoSFInt32 margin

Detailed Description

VSG extension Abstract base class for container dialog components.

This class defines the properties of the container dialog components. These containers are SoRowDialog, SoColumnDialog, and SoTabDialog.


SoColumnDialog, SoRowDialog, SoTabDialog

Member Enumeration Documentation


Scroll bar never displayed.


Sscroll bar always visible.


Automatic scroll bar : displayed when needed (Default).

Member Function Documentation

void SoDialogGroup::addAuditor ( SoDialogAuditor auditor  ) 

Adds a dialogGroupAuditor to the current column component.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::addChild ( SoDialogComponent child  )  [virtual]

Adds a child as last one in group.

void SoDialogGroup::applyAuditors (  ) 

Applies all DialogGroupAuditors in the auditor list.

virtual int SoDialogGroup::findChild ( const SoDialogComponent child  )  const [virtual]

Finds index of given child within group.

Returns -1 if not found.

virtual SoNode* SoDialogGroup::getChild ( int  index  )  const [virtual]

Returns pointer to child node with the given index.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual int SoDialogGroup::getNumChildren (  )  const [virtual]

Returns number of children.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::insertChild ( SoDialogComponent child,
int  newChildIndex 
) [virtual]

Adds a child so that it becomes the one with the given index.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::removeAllChildren (  )  [virtual]

Removes all children from group.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

void SoDialogGroup::removeAuditor ( SoDialogAuditor auditor  ) 

Removes the specified DialogGroupAuditor from the auditor list.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::removeChild ( SoDialogComponent child  )  [virtual]

Removes first instance of given child from group.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::removeChild ( int  index  )  [virtual]

Removes child with given index from group.

Reimplemented from SoBaseKit.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::replaceChild ( SoDialogComponent oldChild,
SoDialogComponent newChild 
) [virtual]

Replaces first instance of given child with new child.

virtual void SoDialogGroup::replaceChild ( int  index,
SoDialogComponent newChild 
) [virtual]

Replaces child with given index with new child.

SoDialogViz* SoDialogGroup::searchForAuditorId ( SbString  id  ) 

Retrieves the DialogViz object from the specified auditorID field in an SoDialogGroup structure.

NULL is returned if auditorID string is not found.

Member Data Documentation

Control how horizontal scrollbar appears.

Default value is AUTO.

Specifies the margin width.

Default is zero.

Control how vertical scrollbar appears.

Default value is AUTO.

Control the window sizing when a child is added or removed.

If FALSE, the window is not resized; scrollbars appear if needed. Default is TRUE.

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