SoDialogWidgetList Class Reference

#include <DialogViz/SoDialogWidgetList.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoDialogWidgetList ()
 SoDialogWidgetList (int size)
 SoDialogWidgetList (const SoDialogWidgetList &l)
 ~SoDialogWidgetList ()
void append (SoWidget ptr)
void insert (SoWidget ptr, int addBefore)
int find (const SoWidget ptr) const
SoDialogWidgetListoperator= (const SoDialogWidgetList &l)
SoWidget & operator[] (int i) const
void set (int i, SoWidget &ptr)

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoDialogWidgetList::SoDialogWidgetList (  ) 


SoDialogWidgetList::SoDialogWidgetList ( int  size  ) 

Constructor that pre-allocates storage for size pointers.

SoDialogWidgetList::SoDialogWidgetList ( const SoDialogWidgetList l  ) 

Constructor that copies the contents of another list.

SoDialogWidgetList::~SoDialogWidgetList (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void SoDialogWidgetList::append ( SoWidget  ptr  ) 

Adds a pointer to the end of the list.

int SoDialogWidgetList::find ( const SoWidget  ptr  )  const

Returns index of given widget in list, or -1 if not found.

void SoDialogWidgetList::insert ( SoWidget  ptr,
int  addBefore 

Inserts given pointer in list before pointer with given index.

SoDialogWidgetList& SoDialogWidgetList::operator= ( const SoDialogWidgetList l  ) 

Copies a list.

Reimplemented from SbPList.

SoWidget& SoDialogWidgetList::operator[] ( int  i  )  const

Returns pointer with given index. If requested index does not exists, list is grown to return a valid pointer.

Reimplemented from SbPList.

void SoDialogWidgetList::set ( int  i,
SoWidget &  ptr 

Sets an element of a list.

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