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Base class for all engines. More...

#include <Inventor/engines/SoEngine.h>

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SoFieldContainer SoBase SoRefCounter SoTypedObject SoBoolOperation SoCalculator SoComposeMatrix SoComposeRotation SoComposeRotationFromTo SoComposeVec2f SoComposeVec2i32 SoComposeVec2s SoComposeVec3f SoComposeVec4f SoComputeBoundingBox SoConcatenate SoCounter SoDecomposeMatrix SoDecomposeRotation SoDecomposeVec2f SoDecomposeVec2i32 SoDecomposeVec2s SoDecomposeVec3f SoDecomposeVec4f SoElapsedTime SoGate SoImageVizEngine SoInterpolate SoIterativeMorphoLutProcessing2d SoIterativeMorphoLutProcessing3d SoOneShot SoOnOff SoSelectOne SoTimeCounter SoTrackFollower SoTransformVec3f SoTriggerAny

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Public Member Functions

virtual int getOutputs (SoEngineOutputList &list) const
SoEngineOutputgetOutput (const SbName &outputName) const
SbBool getOutputName (const SoEngineOutput *output, SbName &outputName) const
SoEnginecopy () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()
static SoEnginegetByName (const SbName &name)
static int getByName (const SbName &name, SoEngineList &list)


class SoEngineOutput

Detailed Description

Base class for all engines.

SoEngine is the abstract base class for all engines. Engines are objects used for animation and behavior. They are lightweight objects that are connected between nodes, the clock, and other engines to form interesting behaviorial objects (e.g., a spinning windmill).

Engines are used to animate parts of a scene and/or to constrain one part of a scene in relation to some other part of the scene. An engine receives a number of input values, performs some operation on them, and then copies the results into one or more output fields. Both the inputs and the outputs can be connected to other fields or engines in the scene graph. When an engine's output values change, those new values are sent to any fields or engines connected to them.



SoBoolOperation, SoCalculator, SoComposeMatrix, SoComposeRotation, SoComposeRotationFromTo, SoComposeVec2f, SoComposeVec2i32, SoComposeVec2s, SoComposeVec3f, SoComposeVec4f, SoComputeBoundingBox, SoConcatenate, SoCounter, SoDecomposeMatrix, SoDecomposeRotation, SoDecomposeVec2f, SoDecomposeVec2i32, SoDecomposeVec2s, SoDecomposeVec3f, SoDecomposeVec4f, SoElapsedTime, SoGate, SoInterpolate, SoOnOff, SoOneShot, SoSelectOne, SoTimeCounter, SoTransformVec3f, SoTriggerAny

Member Function Documentation

SoEngine* SoEngine::copy (  )  const

Creates and returns an exact copy of the engine.

All connections to inputs are copied as is (without copying what's at the other end).

static int SoEngine::getByName ( const SbName name,
SoEngineList list 
) [static]

Looks up engine(s) by name.

static SoEngine* SoEngine::getByName ( const SbName name  )  [static]

Looks up engine(s) by name.

static SoType SoEngine::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]
SoEngineOutput* SoEngine::getOutput ( const SbName outputName  )  const

Returns a reference to the engine output with the given name.

If no such output exists, NULL is returned.

SbBool SoEngine::getOutputName ( const SoEngineOutput output,
SbName outputName 
) const

Returns (in outputName) the name of the engine output (output).

Returns FALSE if the engine output is not contained within the engine instance.

virtual int SoEngine::getOutputs ( SoEngineOutputList list  )  const [virtual]

Returns a list of outputs in this engine.

Use getOutputName() to get the names of the outputs, and use SoEngineOutput::getConnectionType() to determine their types.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SoEngineOutput [friend]

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