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FXViz Class to initialize FXViz. More...

#include <FXViz/SoFXViz.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()
static void finish ()
static bool isInitialized ()
static const char * getProductName ()
static const char * getVersion ()

Detailed Description

FXViz Class to initialize FXViz.

This class allows the user to initialize the FXViz module. The module must be initialized before using any other classes of the module.


FXViz, SoParticleAnimation, SoParticleChemicalFlame, SoParticleExplosion, SoParticleFlame, SoParticleLightRay, SoParticleSmoke, SoParticleSnow, SoShadowGroup


Deprecated since Open Inventor 9400
No longer supported.
See related examples:

BumpMapping, ParticleAnimationEditor, ShadowGroup

Member Function Documentation

static void SoFXViz::finish (  )  [static]

Shuts down the FXViz module, which includes freeing any internal static memory that it allocated.

Finish methods must be called in the reverse order of the init method calls:

static const char* SoFXViz::getProductName (  )  [static]

Returns a character string identifying the name of the extension (FXViz).

static const char* SoFXViz::getVersion (  )  [static]

Returns a character string identifying the version of FXViz.

static void SoFXViz::init (  )  [static]

Initializes the FXViz extension.

static bool SoFXViz::isInitialized (  )  [static]

Returns TRUE if module is currently initialized.

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