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#include <ImageViz/Engines/ImageManipulation/ImageEditing/SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d.h>

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Public Types

enum  PrecisionMode {

Public Member Functions

 SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d ()

Public Attributes

SoSFImageDataAdapter inImage
SoSFVec3i32 pointCoordinates
SoSFFloat angleTheta
SoSFFloat anglePhi
SoSFEnum precisionMode
< SoSFImageDataAdapter,
SoImageDataAdapter * > 

Detailed Description

ImageViz SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d engine

The SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d engine extracts a section of a 3D image, given a point of this section and the angles to its normal.

See also: SoGetPlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d.


Library references: getobliqueplane

Member Enumeration Documentation


This mode gets the value of the nearest voxel.


This mode gets the cubic interpolation from the nearest voxel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d::SoGetObliquePlaneFromVolumeProcessing3d (  ) 


Member Data Documentation

The angle in degree between the Normal and the OZ axis (phi).

Default value is 0.0f.

The angle between Ox and the projection of the Normal on XoY plane (theta).

Default value is 0.0f.

The input image.

Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label image.

The output image.

Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label color image.

Coordinates of a point of the 3D section.

Default value is SbVec3i32(0,0,0).

Select the interpolation mode.

Use enum PrecisionMode. Default is NEARBY_PIXEL

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