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ImageViz SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification engine advanced basic statistics of an image. More...

#include <ImageViz/Engines/ImageAnalysis/Statistics/SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification.h>

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class  SbStatisticsDetail
 Results details of statistics global measure. More...

Public Types

enum  RangeMode {
  MIN_MAX = 0,
  OTHER = 1

Public Member Functions

 SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification ()

Public Attributes

SoSFEnum computeMode
SoSFImageDataAdapter inImage
SoSFEnum rangeMode
SoSFVec2i32 intensityRangeInput
< SbStatisticsDetail

Detailed Description

ImageViz SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification engine advanced basic statistics of an image.

For an introduction to global measurements, see section Image Analysis Operations.

The SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification engine gives some of the image characteristics such as: the total number of pixels/voxels, the minimum and maximum gray levels, the mean, the range, the standard deviation, the kurtosis and the skewness.

The SKEWNESS is the degree of asymmetry of a distribution. If the distribution has a tail length smaller than the maximum, the function has negative skewness. Otherwise, it has positive skewness.

The KURTOSIS is the degree of peakedness of a distribution, also called the "excess" or "excess coefficient." Kurtosis is a normalized form of the fourth central moment of a distribution.


Library references: statistics

Member Enumeration Documentation


The measurements are computed between the minimum and the maximum of the image.

The SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification::intensityRangeInput field is ignored using this mode


The measurements are computed between the bounds defined in the SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification::intensityRangeInput field.


SoIntensityExtremaQuantification, SoMaskedStatisticsQuantification.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification::SoIntensityStatisticsQuantification (  ) 


Member Data Documentation

Select the compute Mode (2D or 3D or AUTO) Use enum ComputeMode.

Default is MODE_AUTO

The input image.

Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label color image.

The input intensity range.

Default value is SbVec2i32(0,255).

The output measure result.

Default value is NULL.

Select the input intensity range mode.

Use enum RangeMode. Default is MIN_MAX

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