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Initializes Open Inventor interaction classes. More...

#include <Inventor/SoInteraction.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()
static void finish ()
static void threadInit ()
static void threadFinish ()
static bool isInitialized ()

Detailed Description

Initializes Open Inventor interaction classes.

SoInteraction has static functions which initialize all Open Inventor interaction classes, as well as nodekits and the database.

For standard single thread support, call the standard init() method. For multiple thread support, call threadInit().

Note that SoInteraction::init() is called by SoWin::init(), just as SoInteraction::threadInit is called by SoWin::threadInit().


SoDB, SoNodeKit, SoWin

Member Function Documentation

static void SoInteraction::finish (  )  [static]

Frees Open Inventor's internal static memory allocations.

This avoids false positives from memory leak checking software. We recommend calling this method and it should be the last Open Inventor method called by the application.

static void SoInteraction::init (  )  [static]
static bool SoInteraction::isInitialized (  )  [static]
static void SoInteraction::threadFinish (  )  [static]
static void SoInteraction::threadInit (  )  [static]

Initializes all interaction classes with multiple thread support.

Note : Although it's only necessary to call init() once in a single-threaded program, in a multithreaded program, every thread that uses Open Inventor classes must call threadInit().

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