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VSG extension Menu file selection button node. More...

#include <DialogViz/dialog/SoMenuFileSelection.h>

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Public Types

enum  Mode {
  OPEN = 0x01,
  SAVE = 0x02

Public Member Functions

 SoMenuFileSelection ()
void addAuditor (SoMenuFileSelectionAuditor *auditor)
void removeAuditor (SoMenuFileSelectionAuditor *auditor)

Public Attributes

SoSFString title
SoMFString filter
SoSFInt32 defaultFilter
SoSFFilePathString fileDirectory
SoSFFilePathString filename
SoSFEnum mode

Detailed Description

VSG extension Menu file selection button node.

This node defines a push button item for a dialog menu. The push button launches a file selection dialog box for saving or opening a file.

On Windows systems, the system file selection dialog is launched.

On UNIX, the file selection dialog has been entirely constructed. using Motif components. UNIX filename completion is available in the filename and directory edit fields.



SoMenuCheckBox, SoMenuCheckBoxLauncher, SoMenuPopup, SoMenuPushButton, SoMenuPushButtonLauncher, SoMenuRadioButtons, SoMenuSeparator

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Member Enumeration Documentation


File opening mode (Default).


File saving mode.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoMenuFileSelection::SoMenuFileSelection (  ) 

Initial filename and selected filename.

Default is empty string.

Member Function Documentation

void SoMenuFileSelection::addAuditor ( SoMenuFileSelectionAuditor auditor  ) 

Adds a menuFileSelectionAuditor to current PushButton component.

void SoMenuFileSelection::removeAuditor ( SoMenuFileSelectionAuditor auditor  ) 

Removes the defined fileSelectionAuditor from the auditor list.

Member Data Documentation

Default filter to use when loading file selection box.

Default is 0.

Initial directory and selected directory.

Default is current directory.

Initial filename and selected filename.

Default is empty string.

List of filters.

Default list is empty. Each filter consists of two strings. The first is the file extension, and the second is the user description. For example:

filter ["*.jpg; *.bmp", "Images Files", "M*e", "Special filter"]

The displayed filter in your selection dialog is the concatenation of the filter and its description. Thus, for the previous example, the strings that appear are:

"Images Files (*.jpg;*.bmp)" and "Special filter (M*e)".

The file selection dialog box is configured for opening or saving a file according to the value of this field.

Default value is OPEN.

Title of the file selection dialog box.

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