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TerrainViz Class for SoTVizViewer navigation tools management. More...

#include <TerrainViz/viewer/SoTVizNavigationTools.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoTVizNavigationTools (SbVec2s viewport)
virtual ~SoTVizNavigationTools ()
virtual void addTool (SoTVizNavigationToolBase *tool)
virtual void removeTool (SoTVizNavigationToolBase *tool)
virtual int getNumTools () const
virtual SoTVizNavigationToolBasegetTool (int index) const

Detailed Description

TerrainViz Class for SoTVizViewer navigation tools management.

The SoTVizNavigationTools class manages navigation tools (derived from SoTVizNavigationToolBase) which are displayed in SoTVizViewer. New interface elements can be added or removed. Those tools are notified of the current value of certain viewer parameters such as orientation, elevation, speed, and position.


SoTVizNavigationToolBase, SoTVizViewer


Deprecated since Open Inventor 9500
No longer supported.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoTVizNavigationTools::SoTVizNavigationTools ( SbVec2s  viewport  ) 


Needs the window size in pixels to enable tool picking.

virtual SoTVizNavigationTools::~SoTVizNavigationTools (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void SoTVizNavigationTools::addTool ( SoTVizNavigationToolBase tool  )  [virtual]

Adds a tool.

virtual int SoTVizNavigationTools::getNumTools (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the number of tools used.

virtual SoTVizNavigationToolBase* SoTVizNavigationTools::getTool ( int  index  )  const [virtual]

Returns a pointer to a tool given its index.

virtual void SoTVizNavigationTools::removeTool ( SoTVizNavigationToolBase tool  )  [virtual]

Removes a tool.

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