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Sensor that triggers repeatedly at regular intervals. More...

#include <Inventor/sensors/SoTimerSensor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoTimerSensor ()
 SoTimerSensor (SoSensorCB *func, void *data)
virtual ~SoTimerSensor ()
void setBaseTime (const SbTime &base)
void setInterval (const SbTime &intvl)
const SbTimegetBaseTime () const
const SbTimegetInterval () const
virtual void schedule ()
virtual void unschedule ()

Detailed Description

Sensor that triggers repeatedly at regular intervals.

Timer sensors trigger their function at regular intervals. A base time may be specified, which causes the sensor to be triggered at multiples of the interval starting from the base time. The base time is an absolute time, as returned by SbTime::getTimeOfDay(). For example, a timer might be set up to call its function every second on the second by setting the base time to SbTime (0.0) and the interval to SbTime (1.0) . Timers are guaranteed to be triggered only once when the timer queue is processed, so if the application only processes the timer queue once every 5 seconds (because it is busy doing something else) the once-a-second sensor's function will only be called once every 5 seconds.

If no base time is set, then the function will be rescheduled from the present time using the interval value.

When a base time has been specified, SoTimers always schedule themselves to be triggered the next multiple of the interval time after the base time. For example, if the once-a-second sensor is triggered at time 2.9 (because the application way busy doing something at time 2.0 and didn't get around to processing the sensor queue for a while) it will reschedule itself to go off at time 3.0, not at time 3.9. On the other hand, if the base time had never been set, then the sensor would be scheduled for time 3.9.


SoOneShotSensor, SoAlarmSensor, SoTimerQueueSensor, SbTime

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoTimerSensor::SoTimerSensor (  ) 

Default constructor.

SoTimerSensor::SoTimerSensor ( SoSensorCB func,
void *  data 

Constructor that takes the function and data to be called when the sensor is triggered.

virtual SoTimerSensor::~SoTimerSensor (  )  [virtual]

Destroys the sensor, freeing up any memory associated with it after unscheduling it.

Member Function Documentation

const SbTime& SoTimerSensor::getBaseTime (  )  const [inline]

Gets the base time.

const SbTime& SoTimerSensor::getInterval (  )  const [inline]

Gets the interval.

virtual void SoTimerSensor::schedule (  )  [virtual]

Adds this sensor to the timer queue.

Subclasses provide methods for setting when the sensor will be triggered.

Reimplemented from SoTimerQueueSensor.

void SoTimerSensor::setBaseTime ( const SbTime base  )  [inline]

Sets the base time.

The default base time is the time when the sensor is scheduled or rescheduled.

void SoTimerSensor::setInterval ( const SbTime intvl  )  [inline]

Sets the interval.

The default interval is 1/30th of a second.

virtual void SoTimerSensor::unschedule (  )  [virtual]

If this sensor is scheduled, removes it from the timer queue so that it will not be triggered.

Reimplemented from SoTimerQueueSensor.

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