SoXtTransformSliderSet Class Reference

Component with Motif sliders for editing SoTransform nodes. More...

#include <Inventor/Xt/SoXtTransformSliderSet.h>

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SoXtSliderSet SoXtSliderSetBase SoXtComponent

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Public Member Functions

 SoXtTransformSliderSet (SoWidget parent=NULL, const char *name=NULL, SbBool buildInsideParent=TRUE, SoNode *newEditNode=NULL)
 ~SoXtTransformSliderSet ()

Detailed Description

Component with Motif sliders for editing SoTransform nodes.

This class defines an editor that uses Motif Sliders to edit fields in an SoTransform node. There are sliders for editing the translation, scale, rotation, and transform center.



SoXtSliderSet, SoXtSliderSetBase, SoXtComponent, SoTransform

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoXtTransformSliderSet::SoXtTransformSliderSet ( SoWidget  parent = NULL,
const char *  name = NULL,
SbBool  buildInsideParent = TRUE,
SoNode newEditNode = NULL 


At construction time the transform node to edit can be supplied.

SoXtTransformSliderSet::~SoXtTransformSliderSet (  ) 


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