CUDA per slice computing demo.

VolumeViz This demo shows how to do CUDA computation on slices.

The demo loads a volume using VolumieViz and computes and perform some general filtering on the slices extracted from the loaded Volume.

The volume is displayed in the first window using VolumeViz. The second window displays the result of the CUDA filtering. A CPU version of the filters is also provided.

The filters are applied using the InventorAlgorithms module. For the CUDA version the CUDA module called InventorCudaAlgorithms is loaded dynamically when needed.



SoGLBufferObject, SoCudaBufferObject, SoCpuBufferObject, SoCudaContext, SoCudaDevice, SoCuda, SoCudaApi, SoCpuContext, SoAlgorithms, SoConversion, SoConvolution, SoSeismic


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