Volume editing features

VolumeViz Demonstrate editing features

This demo show the whole workflow of editing. Select editing tools (SubVolume, Lasso or Polygon), edit volume and save result.

Following tools are available:

In this demo, a binary mask (SoVolumeMask) is edited. A value of 0 hide part of dataset, a value != 0 show the data. When saving edition, the resulting file is specified in the VolumeMask fileName field (which is by default $OIVHOME/examples/source/VolumeViz/examples/editing/editingFeature/mask.ldm)

The sceneInMemory use an InMemory dataset instead of an LDM volume mask. To use it, give the file sceneMask.iv in argument of this demo.



SoDataSet, SoLassoScreenDrawer, SbExtrusionGenerator, SoRayPickAction


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