MeshViz XLM

MeshViz MeshIViz: MeshViz XLM More...


class  MbVec3< _T >
  MeshViz Class defining a vector or a point of 3 coordinates. More...
class  MiAbstractMethodError
  MeshViz Exception handler for MeshViz XLM. More...
class  MiMeshViz
  MeshViz Class to initialize the MeshViz Mesh Extraction module. More...
class  MxTimeStamp
  MeshViz Manages an identifier that can be used as a time stamp. More...


 Mesh interfaces
 Extracted mesh interfaces


typedef MbVec3< size_t > MbVec3ui
typedef MbVec3< float > MbVec3f
typedef MbVec3< double > MbVec3d

Detailed Description

MeshViz MeshIViz: MeshViz XLM

MeshViz XLM, is an API useful for extracting and visualizing features from meshes used in finite element analysis (FEA) and computer aided engineering (CAE).
MeshViz XLM contains two separate parts: Mesh Extraction and Data Mapping.

See chapter "MeshViz XLM" of the Open Inventor User's Guide for more information.

Typedef Documentation

typedef MbVec3<double> MbVec3d

Vector of 3 double coordinates.

See also:
typedef MbVec3<float> MbVec3f

Vector of 3 float coordinates.

See also:
typedef MbVec3<size_t> MbVec3ui

Vector of 3 unsigned int.

See also:

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